Political Origins

Political Origins and The –isms

Early History

Our western civilization is based on a long and proud history; Starting with the Greeks who came up with the idea of Democracy.  The Constitution of the Athenians has formed the basis of Democracy ever since. The Constitution stated that democracy respects the interests of the whole people and treats everyone as equal before the law; and positions of public responsibility are not based on membership of a particular class, but on the actual ability of the person.

The Roman Republic emerged out of the ashes of an autocratic monarchy.  As the people of Rome suffered under their early kings’ oppressive rule they realized that they had to safeguard against the oppression of one individual. The Roman Republic was formed with three basic elements:

  1. elected non-hereditary magistrates
  2. a Senate to advise and consent
  3. and popular assemblies.

As the Roman Empire grew it met many different cultures and absorbed them. At first, only Romans were allowed to be Roman citizens. However, over time attitudes changed and Rome opened the gates to people of many different cultures, giving them the same rights as Roman citizens. As their strong culture was diluted a moral decline set in and eventually the Roman Empire collapsed.

If this sounds familiar…it is. Our modern politicians, under the mistaken idea that all people and cultures are equal, have opened our borders to an invasion of different cultures that are very different to ours. They come from nations that have not developed a democratic system of government. Their moral, political and social values are so far apart from ours that allowing them to take hold in our society is destroying us from within.

The Birth of European Democracy – Separation of Church & State

King John signs the Magna Carta at Runneymede

When the Roman Empire collapsed Christianity and rule by kings became the dominant system of control over the people. Christianity united Europeans (including the British) under a moral, ethical, and political code enforced by the church and state. However, this came at a price. Power was tightly controlled by the church, with strict rules enforced on the people and government that forced adherence to edicts issued by the Popes and churchmen that became gradually more tyrannical as time went on.

As a result, the European Kings and Emperors, by colluding with the church, gained so much power they assumed a divine right to rule over everyone. Their power derived from an iron grip on the means of production, enforced by a strict application of religion.

The first change to this system came during the reign of King John in 1215. As a feudal king, John was landlord of his entire empire of England and western France. The occupiers of the great rural estates, the barons, were tenants of the king, and held the land in return for allegiance to the Crown. John was a cruel man who enforced his power over the Barons, the church, and the people at all levels. There was no redress against the absolute power of the king.

In 1215 the Barons rebelled. They forced King John to sign the Magna Carta that gave the Barons some liberties in return for their loyalty to the King.

Over the following centuries western civilization developed through the Reformation (of the church), the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

As a result, citizens began to realize that they had the power to create the wealth of the nation and therefore they started demanding a greater say in how they were governed. This gradually developed into the Westminster system of government we know today. Based on a separation of powers, keeping religion out of politics, was essential to the development of the democratic style of government we enjoy today.

In the late 19th Century a new system of government appeared.

The Rise of Communism / Socialism

Communism and socialism are economic and political structures that promote equality and seek to eliminate social classes. The two are interchangeable in some ways, but different in others.

After WW2 Communism spread rapidly to many countries around the world. The United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) killed millions, and enslaved the whole country under an iron rule. The same thing happened in any other country that fell under Communist / Socialist rule.

When the USSR disintegrated many of us thought that Communism had failed and gone away.

We were wrong.

Fabian Socialism

The Fabians are a shadowy group of Socialists in the UK who watched the Russian Revolution. They decided to work slowly to take over governments to impose their Socialist ideals. This is their website: The Fabians

The Fabians have worked slowly, according to their plan, to put their people into positions of power where they could impose Socialist ideology. Over the last century they have succeeded so well that most people are not even aware that our western democracies have been taken over by socialist ideology.

We see these plans in operation in many ways. All the Labor PM’s since Whitlam have been Fabians. The socialist ALP governments opened our borders to let a horde of islamists flood into our country. Even though the Libs have closed our borders again it’s too late. Islam is here and the socialists are using it as a club to try and destroy our civilization and democracy. We are losing the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to gain to Socialist-inspired Political Correctness. We are slowly being destroyed from within. Once the Fabians gain enough power they will enforce full Socialism on us, with all the excesses and dangers it brings.

Australian Federation

When Australia shook off its colonial shackles in 1901 we did so under a Constitution that has guided our laws and government ever since.

The Constitution was a marvelous document for its time that managed to unite the 6 separate British colonies into a Federation of States, with the Federal Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

It is only lately that we have begun to realize the serious flaws in the Federal Constitution.  Even worse, we see our government and politicians flagrantly ignoring the Constitution. Instead, they pass Acts of Parliament to try and circumvent the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers planned to establish stable government and then review the Constitution a decade or two later to make any changes necessary to streamline our government system.

However, WW1, the theft of the Common Wealth bank by the international bankers who imposed the central banking system, and the Great Depression all combined to make a thorough review impossible. It has never happened.

Constitutional Weaknesses

Since 1901 we have voted in 44 referendums, but only eight have passed with our approval.  A constitution is supposed to be a dynamic document, able to be changed by the people as time, social and legal conditions change. But this is not happening. The politicians are not doing their job. As a result, the Constitution is unable to guide our government to cope with modern conditions.

The Constitution does not mention a Prime Minister or how we should choose our representatives. It only lays out the structure of a government system.

Just a few of the Political Parties vying for our vote
Just a few of the Political Parties vying for our vote

The only official mentioned is the Governor General acting as the British Monarch’s colonial representative. Despite this, after Federation political parties were formed and a voting system established allowing the people to vote in representatives chosen by the party.

However, the political parties usurped the right of We the People to choose our own representatives, as mandated in S.7 “The Senate shall be composed of senators for each State, directly chosen by the people of the State, voting, until the Parliament otherwise provides, as one electorate.”, and S.24 “The House of Representatives shall be composed of members
directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth,”

Instead, the parties choose their own candidates and then present them to us to vote in an election. We have no choice!

As long as we had honest men and women elected to Parliament who genuinely wished to serve the people the system worked well. But as the power of the political parties grew this has changed. By the 1970’s the party representatives have served their party’s needs before those of the people.

Today, many Australians have become aware that our government does not represent our best interests. In fact, many people feel that the government has become our worst enemy.

This cannot be allowed to continue. The political parties will never consent to allowing We the People the right to choose our own representatives. Nor will they allow us to start referendums. They know all too well that once We the People have the right to Citizens Initiated Referendums their power over us will be gone.

Changing the System

If We the People are to take back our birthright so that we can choose our own representatives and rebuild our nation we are going to have to unite and demand that the government act on our wishes.

We the People have elected these failed political party representatives because until now we have had no choice. But we have the power to change this.

From now on, if we unite as Australians and refuse to vote for the political party representatives we can change the system.

We no longer have any faith in the system. Nor do we trust the politicians to do the right thing for Australia any more. If we don’t change the system we will just continue to get more of the same.

Advance Australia has come up with a 5-Point Plan to smooth the way for the changes that must happen if we are going to go forward into the future as a confident, independent, sovereign nation. You can read the plan here: http://advance-australia.com.au/

The first five steps are mandatory if we are going to take back control of our government and economy. The rest of the ideas in the website are presented for people to consider, and if enough people decide we need the changes proposed we will be able to initiate a referendum to vote on them.

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