Lawful Affidavit

Lawful Affidavits are a Powerful Weapon

Whenever you decide to stand up to the unlawful activities of the Government, their agents in local Councils (they are not local government), and the corporate bodies such as toll companies that hand out fines and penalties for infringing their rules you can challenge the authority of any court that they summon you to using the Affidavit below.

The sample template below was provided by Wayne Glew, an ex-Western Australaia policeman who has spent years investigating the laws and politics of our once-great nation. Along with David Walter, another ex-policeman who has also realized that all is not well in our nation, Wayne has contributed his time, effort, and even his well-being to the fight to regain truth, law, and justice in our nation.

He has made the following Lawful Affidavit template available for all to use as needed to help fight unjust acts against Australians. You can…

Click here to download a sample

Sample Lawful Affidavit
Sample Lawful Affidavit

Download a sample Lawful Affidavit in MS Word format

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When presenting an Affidavit to the unlawful Admiralty courts they tell you it must be signed, stamped and sealed by a Justice of the Peace. A JP is a creature of the Admiralty legal system…their system.

If you want to present an Affidavit to their Admiralty courts challenging their authority it is unlikely that any JP will sign your Affidavit.

Common Law Courts are Free for Everyone

However, you will not face this problem with a Common Law Grand Jury. Any Affidavit you present need only be signed by two witnesses stating that they witnessed you sign your Affidavit.

Nor will you have to worry about paying vast sums of money to lawyers or barristers to deal with a Common Law court.

Common Law Courts are free for everyone.

And when you present a Common Law court with an affidavit of your grievances you will be summoned to appear before the Common Law court to give your own evidence about your Affidavit. You do not need to have a representative. It is your story. You must tell your story to the Court.

Below is a sample of a Lawful Affidavit. But download the Word Document (click the link above) to use the document template we have provided.

Lawful Affidavit

To [name of organization]

[your name] of the family [family name] living breathing man of [your address],
make this Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit.

I, [your name] of the family [family name’] CPO, OWB Commonwealth Public Official — (Note: If you are not a CPO, OWB, substitute [living breathing man] to show you are not a “thing” as they try to make you) — make oath and state as follows;

Formally Challenge your ability to establish a Lawful Court being a gathering under the sovereign as described in HCA 29 of 2009 at paragraph 20 for the following reasons;

“Validity of Courts Laws and Decisions”

[1] The Commonwealth Constitution states that the exercise of authority throughout the Commonwealth is under the Crown.

[2] The State of [your state] is created under 107, 108 and 109 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 and draws its authority from those constitutions.

[3] The State Constitution continues after Federation, subject to the Commonwealth Constitution 106 and altered in accordance with its constitution, Not Amended, Changed, or Repealed. Ref HCA 48 of 1996 at paragraph 17.

[4] You and all Legal Practitioners Must swear the oath of allegiance contained in the Commonwealth Constitution and the State Constitution Schedule E which was Unlawfully repealed using the Oaths Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Act 2005 W.A. An Act of Fraud and Treason against The People of [your state].

[5] The Lawful Oath authorises you under the British Accreditation Register to sit and take up any authority in the Commonwealth of Australia subject to the Coronation Oath of the Monarch and the Common Law being;

– Magna Carta
– 1688 Bill of Rights containing the Statute of Monopolies
– The Act of Settlement
– Habeas Corpus, and
– The King James Bible, the only instrument that constitutes a Lawful Court.

[6] Your authority to exercise authority is created by the Lawful Oath which makes you a Commonwealth Public Officer Not a Public Officer being an Employee of a Company.

[7] Without the authority of the Lawful Crown contained in Our Constitution, You…The Judges, Politicians, Public Servants, Police and Legal Practitioners [Not Lawyers] Have No Authority. Lawyers are Prohibited by the King James Bible to exist.

[8] No Lawful Crown Authority, No Authority, No Decisions of any State Courts, No Laws from the Parliament meaning No Laws Passed that Do Not Comply with Our Constitution Have Any Authority Whatsoever.

[9] No Lawful Oath, No Authority, No Right to Sit, No Lawful Court…End of Story !!!

[10] This Gathering Can Not Sit until it Can Establish an Authority under the Crown.

11] This Authority Must come from 12 of my peers Sitting in a Lawful Court.

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