Fear and Politics

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Discussion about religion and politics has been carefully demonized in the west. So much so that most people today either roll their eyes or refuse to answer any time someone brings up either topic.

But the fact is, we need to discuss these subjects even more today because both are dictating how we live our lives in ways we find increasingly burdensome. We need to be fully informed about the history of religion and politics, and how that history is reflected in today’s reality. Unless we recognize the past and learn from it, we cannot possibly understand what is really going on in our world these days.

There has been much discussion lately here in Australia about bringing back government by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Coupled with this are calls to reinstate the Magna Carta. It became an especially important issue in the 2019 Election, even though only an apparently small segment of the population heard about the ideas. I believe that if a majority of people knew what the election was really about they would never have voted for the same old criminals to run our country into the ground.

The fact that Senator Rod Culleton fired the first real shot in this debate when he questioned Attorney General George Brandis about the validity of the Courts suddenly galvanized many Australians into realizing that we are no longer a Commonwealth of Australia.

Instead, the political parties have steered the Ship of State in the direction they wanted us to move; towardsbecoming a Socialist Republic….and they have almost succeeded.

The political parties have repudiated the true Constitution of the People of the Commonwealth. Instead, they have written their own Constitution and taken out HM Queen Elizabeth 2 of the UK, and taken out the People by deleting the Preamble that establishes the People as the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

Instead, they have created a corporate dictatorship, with their business registered in the USA.

As a result, they have changed laws without the permission of the People of the Commonwealth voting in a referendum. Their most iniquitous deeds include bringing in the Australia Act to try and separate us from the Crown, even though Australia became a self-governing colony still subject to the British crown in 1901. Wayne Goss and Kevin Rudd paved the way for all State Governments to ignore the wishes of the people voting in referendums by enacting the Reprints Act. This Act has enabled State Governments to incorporate local councils and call them Local Government.

By ignoring two referendums to deny local councils status as a 3rd tier of government the State governments have committed treason. They have got away with this because government has also denied us any education about the protections given to us under the constitution and common law.

But how did we get into this dangerous situation?

Schools do not teach us anything about the protections given to us under the constitution and common law, so how can we know if the government is lying to us when they pass their own laws instead?

As a result of the treasonous actions by those we elected thinking they were there to represent us, governments, State and Federal, have enacted many laws to control us.

They have created a state of fear by bringing in laws they say are designed to protect us. But in reality, these laws are only designed to give them power over us that they enforce with fear of increasing fines or even imprisonment. Anyone who dares question their authority is hounded and punished as much as possible, even to the point of having homes, cars and anything else of worth stolen in the name of repaying the debt owed to the “state”.

They use financial ruin as a tool to control us, to instill fear into us so that we bow meekly down and do their bidding. The banks are part of this. They have already ruined many lives, especially farmers who have fallen victim to their unlawful activities. Too many of them have taken their own lives because they could no longer bear the fear and shame brought on them by the banks.

And this fear is how governments have controlled the population and forced us into submission. You only have to talk to people anywhere and they will tell you how they hate the way things are run these days. But when you ask them to stand up and fight back they reply they can’t because they fear losing their jobs, their homes, their families. Manyare even afraid of being laughed at for standing up for their rights!

Who are they afraid of?

The very people we keep on electing to rule over us…the very same people who impose even more fear with more laws, more restrictions on our liberty, more destruction of a way of life we once enjoyed as a free people. Governments have destroyed our once vibrant manufacturing industries, our ability to feed ourselves, and they have stolen. our state owned assets such as water, electricity, and transport….all these state owned assets were once owned by the people. Now they have been sold off to private corporations and we are forced to pay outrageous prices for services that should be free!

The sad thing is that most young people today don’t even know what they are missing. They think this state of affairs, of fear of the government, is normal!

How sad.

If you try to tell them that this is part of the United Nations Agenda 21 project to bring in a One World Government they look at you as if you are crazy. They have swallowed the Blue Pill because they don’t even know there is a Red Pill.

Schools teach a sanitized version of history that helps enforce the new reality of the government dictatorship. Nor do they teach anything about the rights and freedoms that have been bequeathed to us by our forefathers who fought so hard for them. Ask most young people today if they have heard of the Magna Carta, or the Bill of Rights and they won’t have any idea what they are. In fact, even most adults today are unaware that we still have a Bill of Rights. It’s called the English Bill of Rights 1688.

When you read through it, you would swear that they are talking about the same situation we face today. The list of grievances the Bill of Rights was brought into law to solve include:

Assuming and exercising power without consent of Parliament – in other words without the consent of the People.

Levying Money under false pretenses – in other words, creating false reasons to fine people…another way of taxing the people without our consent.

By raising an army to go to war without the consent of the people – why were our young men and women sent to war in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other wars without asking the people first? What fight did we ever have with any of those nations?

Violating elections. The recent sacking of Senator Rod Culleton under false pretenses because he dared challenge Parliament and ask why the Judiciary are acting outside our Constitution.

Illegal Prosecutions: How many people have been jailed under false charges, or bankrupted by illegal and corrupt means?

Juries: Our Constitution and Common Law guarantee us the right to a trial before a jury of our peers…yet these days we are tried and convicted of crimes these governments have created without our consent….’crimes’ like speeding, refusing to pay their unlawful tax on ourland…the tax they call Rates. The crime of parking in the wrong place or fortoo long. The list is long and growing longer.

Fines: After they have convicted us without trial they impose fines that cause severe hardship for most people who are only just getting by. If we refuse to pay the penalties they impose we face loss of our income when they take away our drivers license, or they confiscate our houses, our cars, and anything else of value. All without any recourse for justice in a court of law.

Yet, the Bill of Rights 1688 was designed to stop all these, and many other crimes against us by the those who are supposed to be there to protect and nurture us. Instead, we are ruled over by criminal politicians, the police, the local councils, the toll companies, and dozens of other organizations using threats and intimidation to strongarm us into submission.

If only we knew about these protections under the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the true laws we are meant to be governed by we would have stood up against the dictators and put a stop to it.

Or would we?

Fear and ignorance are the best weapons the political party criminals and traitors have to wield against us.

It is said that a coward dies a thousand deaths, but a brave man only dies once.

We can regain our bravery and stop fearing those who are doing us harm by learning what our rights, freedoms, and laws are. Armed with that knowledge we can all stand up to the dictatorship and say Enough is Enough!

So the question is….are you going to continue living in fear, or are you going to learn what your rights are and stand up for them?

Before you answer that question, think about the future you want to leave for your children and their children down through the ages. We are only here for a short period of time. But our legacy will live on forever….it’s up to us to make sure the legacy we leave behind is something we can all be proud of.

To learn about the crimes committed by the political parties, visit our website at www.cirnow.com.au.

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