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3rd  January 2022  BY JOHN GREY

John Grey has all the skills a lawyer used to have before the law became a religion, and the Church and State became one with the law as the State Religion, in 1873 when the Judicature Act 1873 was enacted, as one of the first Acts of the United Kingdom after the lawyers were readmitted to the House of  Commons and like parasites in children, dogs, cats and cattle, have been feeding themselves first on the necessities of life, imposing enormous burdens like taxation, permits for everything, in fulfilment of the prophesy of Jesus Christ in Luke 11, verses 46 and 52. One Professor of Jurisprudence in the United States of America a Pierre Schlag of Denver Colorado, in 1996 nailed the problem in a paper called The Law as the Continuation of God by other means. I have linked it below.

 The abolition of the Judeo Christian concept of law is the root cause of all the upheaval in the United States and that upheaval, and the response by the lawyers, advising the Government in Australia, to it, and the parasites in all Parliaments, who advised against Ivermectin, HCQ and Zinc, a weak and ineffective Sovereign, and the Doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy, will bankrupt every Government in the Commonwealth, and destroy the Australian Dollar just as the United States Dollar is being replaced from 1st January 2022.

Nil desperandum. Do not despair, the Cavalry is on the way. It’s been a long time coming,  but attached videos, indicate that 2022 will be a fantastic year. We have a dearth of true leaders in the Commonwealth. However there are signs that some men in Australia have still got a set, and male attendance at the huge demonstrations in all the Capital cities, is evidence of this.

With 7News in Australia reporting 78,000 adverse reactions to Covid19 vaccines, the writing must be on the wall for vaccine mandates.  The outcome of all of this could be huge. If it shows that our medical profession has been concealing deliberate injuries to patients, to give Big Pharma huge profits, then the breakdown of community morality is serious indeed. The breakdown of morality must then be sheeted home to those who hold public office for listening to people who can be alleged to be criminally negligent. ‘

This moral turpitude, extending from the Prime Minister down, through the courts, that are now Courts with a Judge, instead of courts with judges as the people who formed our Constitution intended in S 79 Constitution, and who in their contumelious disregard for grammar, have fabricated laws that are not within the confines of educated conversation.

Educated conversation is governed by grammar,  how words are used, the context in which those words are used, and the way the words are expressed. Pig ignorant people, those whose education may even include a university degree ignore the basic means of communication at their peril. That basic means of communication is the written word. From ancient Babylon, when a finger wrote words in stone, that basic truth has been ever present. That basic means of communication has Rules. Rules that must as fact overrule the Rules of Court the self opinionated barristers who comprise the Judiciary would have us replace the truth of the Holy Bible with. Scumbag lawyers in the State of South Australia abolished the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as the arbiter of fact in 1927.  It is probably the worst state to do business in right up to today. God knows right from wrong, Judges don’t.  The next worse is New South Wales which went rotten in 1970 after they gave Judges power to overrule any prior inconsistent Act by Rules of Court.

After the Australia Act 1986 Victoria went rotten and still is. Queensland is a strange case.  After 1991, when the Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991 was enacted it went bad, However it then enacted the Supreme Court Act 1995 that declared all the good law since 1867 still in force. When that was repealed, the Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991 was amended to save them all anyway.  In 1867 the Church of England and Presbyterian Kirk in Scotland had their own equity courts, presided over by their clergy. Those clergy were there to keep the bastards in the legal profession honest. They were higher than the common law courts and superior. This annoyed lawyers immensely, and when Royal Prince Alfred died, and lawyers were allowed back into the House of  Commons in 1870,  there were two Acts passed in a very short time. One in 1871 created a Corporate Government in the United States of America and the second in 1873, merged church and state in the law.

This merger of Church and State, is the root cause of injustice, because the King’s Conscience, expressed by the Chancellor of the Eqchequer, through His Chancery Courts, guaranteed by the Statute  1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688), have been killed, by the harbingers of the LAW. Lawmakers in Parliaments and Congresses everywhere, or Dictators, masquerading as Democratically elected representatives, have assumed the Doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy. At the same time they have closed off access to the Parliament as the ultimate Court with Judges, and a Petition to the Parliament of the Commonwealth is almost a waste of time. Gesara-Nesara is ending that and it is happening. Local courts with judges, under the Common Law are to be restored, the Head of State and all under Him or Her will be required to abide the Statute  1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688), and give to the people who have a conscience a voice.

Watch this space for updates.

John Grey.

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Everything you need to know about Gesara

Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

The latest word from multiple sources is that Gesara-Nesara and the return of President Donald Trump is imminent and that Facebook has been siezed  because its owner was involved in stealing the 2020 election. The seizure of Facebook is not yet confirmed from third party sources. However money is flowing into the hands of Banks and the Bank that will be looking after Australia will be HSBC, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

As of today the word is that Gesara is being implemented and the United States  dollar is to be crashed.


The main elements of Gesara are:

1.     Forgives credit card mortgage and other bank debt to illegal banking and government activities. This will abolish all Fines Registries in Australia, make border closures illegal, as they offend S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 (CTH), and allow people to be treated for Covid19 instead of being imprisoned in their own homes. The implementation of Number 9 below, Restore the courts will bankrupt all Australian States including the Commonwealth.

2.     Abolishes income tax. Income Tax is mostly spent on paying interest on government debt to the Reserve Bank, which will be abolished under Gesara-Nesara. It is illegal under the Constitution which Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second  has sworn to uphold as the New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible. As a subject of the Queen of the Constitution we are all part of the Royal Family. Matthew 17 verses 24-27. As Citizens since 1948 and the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 we are  slaves of two States and subject to mob rule by them. Income Tax was introduced during WWII as it was wartime, and all law suspended for the duration. It could only be continued by a declaration of citizenship. The King could not consent to that in the Commonwealth by the Statute  1 Will & Mary C 6 ( Coronation Oath ) (1688).

3.     Abolishes the IRS creates flat rate only non essential new items only taxation sales tax to fund government. The ATO in Australia must be abolished. Taxes paid since 1948 should be credited to each subjects account with the Gesara  bank of their choice. 

4.     Increases benefits for senior citizens to enable them to live their twilight years in comfort and peace by giving them access to their Birth Certificate Account credits but not in a lump sum without due process of law. See Numbers 3 and  9 below. The figure cited is three time the present pension or $5000 per month United States Dollars for the United States of America and probably Australia and  New Zealand . 

5.     Returns Constitutional Law:  Constitutional Law was since 1215 the New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible and the Book of Isaiah of the Old Testamentand this is evidenced by the Royal Seal in the Fly Leaf of Official King James Version of the Holy Bible published by Cambridge University and Collins of Edinburgh in Scotland. The New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible is the ultimate Law Book by which all others must be measured. The fake Bibles used in Courts with Judges called Rules of Court must be abolished.

6.     Establishes new Presidential and Congressional Elections within 120 days after Gesara’s declaration. In other words a Double Dissolution election in the United States of America and in Commonwealth countries. Perhaps an Abdication of Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second  and a referendum on a Republic, or confirmation of a New Sovereign.

7.     Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities or special interest groups. This will end the two party system as we know it where both agree to take turns governing, but the underlying policies do not change.

8.     Creates new United States of America treasury  currency, Rainbow Currency backed by Platinum Silver and Gold  precious metals. This will be a universal worldwide currency redeemable for silver and gold anywhere on the planet.  The Quantum Financial System will ensure every account is legitimate and organised crime will be ended, trafficking drugs, arms  and women and children worldwide and bribery of government by Big Business. Every individual account will be monitored. Everyone will have their own account. Money will be no problem to anyone.

9.     Returns Constitutional law to all our courts and legal matters.  The present Reigns of Terror instituted in the name of Covid19 while since 1st August 2020 a credible cure has been available and in the public domain  will mean that in the Commonwealth the States and Commonwealth under S 64 Judiciary Act 1903 ( Australia) are liable for negligence for not treating affected people, and instead locking whole States up. and destroying the economy at the same time. The use of Rules of Court to replace the Constitution by all Courts with Judges, renders them obsolete as heretics who have replaced the New Testament of the King James Version of the Holy Bible with man made Rules of Court blaspheming against the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as set out in the Gospel of  Luke 12 Verses 10-12.

10.Initiates new US Treasury Bank system in alignment with Constitutional law. This is already in place as there are reports the new notes are being issued in Europe and Zimbabwe. The Deep State Central Banks worldwide are being supplanted. Platinum, Gold and Silver are the basis of the Rainbow Currency. In Australia S 115 Constitution makes Gold and Silver the only legal tender in payment of debts so the fiat Australian Dollar and all debts incurred in it are void as outside the Constitution. Loans incurred worldwide in fiat currency will be cancelled without compensation.

11.Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. The Reserve Bank  which issues our present currency cannot continue. Unless our High Court accepts its  original jurisdiction under S 75 (i)  Constitution and declares Gesara-Nesara its will be proven to be misbehaving and subject to removal by the Senate and House of Representatives in a Joint Sitting, after the next election, under S 72 (ii) Constitution. Like in the United States of America when the Courts with a Judge are derelict in their  duty they must be changed. The State of Queensland has all the law still in place to establish a constitutional Federal Supreme Court in the Commonwealth.  The Supreme Court Act 1995 (Qld) declared those laws.

12.Restores Financial Privacy.  Each of us under the Quantum Financial System will have our own account and it will be and remain private under our control and not subject to bank or government oversight.

13.Retrains all Judges and Attorneys in Constitutional law.   In the Commonwealth of Australia this will mean that The separation of Church and State will be restored and the supremacy of the Judiciary ended and their power to write Rules of Court in the image of Satan will be ended. A single law exam will be necessary to qualify anyone to act for another as attorney administered by the Quantum Financial System. A Court with a Judge and no jury  is Satanic, A court in line with S 79 Constitution of The Commonwealth with a jury is Holy. The Clergy will again be authorised to conduct Chancery Courts in equity. The existing Judges could all be sacked.

14.Ceases all aggressive US Military actions worldwide. In place for 4 years already under President Donald Trump.

15.Establishes peace throughout the world. Giving effect to the paragraph in Ephesions 2:12 establishing the Commonwealth of Israel where Israel means Man (or woman) of  God  from Genesis 32 Verse 28 .

16.Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many years. This wealth is said to be four quadrillion dollars  enough to give everyone alive, $4.5 million dollars, in a trust account.  We all have a share in the Common Wealth and will have  our own Gesara account under the Quantum Financial System.  Most people cannot handle wealth so it will be trickled to those who cannot handle money, and those who can will be given their just rewards for effort by a restored system of Christian Justice where Church and State both deliver justice and if a conflict arises the Ecclesiastic Court ruling will prevail. .

17.Releases enormous amounts of money for humantarian purposes. This money apparently has been recovered from the Vatican Bank where it has been deposited by organised crime, and will be available to anyone as a grant where humanitarian projects are proposed.

18.Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices. Thus making coaland oil redundant as proposed by Nicola Tesla. Further Medical Knowledge is already being released to cure all disease as required with Medbeds. This is a precis that need to be published to all interested parties, with or without the cooperation of the Main Stream Media. This ties Gesara in with the Paris Accord.

Who is John Grey?

The nom de plume of a distinguished legal practitioner, a gentleman and a scholar, a fine judge of women and wines, with more than 50 years experience in law. He no longer practices, but he continues to advise and write about the law. His in-depth knowledge of the law, and dealing with the legal fraternity, has been of invaluable assistance to this Author.

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