Reasonable Excuse How not to Mandate

~ Paul RichardsonPaul’s background, 20 years OH&S and Dip WH&S Law and a Certified Trainer. 

There are penalties for Industrial Manslaughter under all Acts go research your state’s Act to find them.  There’s also a Public Health Act.  In my state WH&S Act 2011.


PBCU = Business Owner, or a Government Department or a Public Corporation.  Refer to Sections 47-49 Consultation with Workers.

Regarding Management at the Workplace by a Job Hazzard Analyser “JHA”.

  1. Identify Hazzards;
  2. Assess Risks;
  3. Control Risks;
  4. Review hazards and control measures, hierarchy of control

Hazzards include: the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the virus and there’s adverse side effects.

Look up Worksafe website, Safe Work Australia, COVID 19 Risk Assessment – begin guidelines do Risk Assessment

  1. All employees must be consulted;
  2. Vaccination is experimental medical treatment which has provisional approval, TGA trials completed in 1st quarter of 2023 and there is no long term safety data;
  3. All experimental medical treatments, must give employees informed consent and educate them on risks, benefits and alternatives on a given procedure or intervention;
  4. Politicians and the judidical system are exempt;
  5. The vaccination is not an appropriate control measure;
  6. It doesn’t stop transmission;
  7. Proven adverse side effects;
  8. CHO – experimental medical treatment is listed as a POISON (SARS COV2 – COV 19) vaccination, we need clarification on what class of poison is the vaccination and are listed as to what harm they may cause;
  9. Research MIT/Harvard University show the vaccination alters DNA and research Stockholm University identifies COV 19 as a spike protein that can biologically impair DNA, and damage cells thus be a potential cause of cancer;
  10. The vaccination is not an appropriate control measure and does not stop the spread;
  11. Adverse Reactions are now on Medicare and funded which tests for myocarditis and pericarditis especially in younger ages; thrombosis including strokes from Astra Zenica; Guillian Barre Syndrome (GBS);  ITP (AZ);
  12. Deaths are noted on the TGA website as at 2/1/2022 = 704 deaths.  Deaths from COVID less than 1700 with over 100,000 reactions, VAERS database in USA = 20,000 deaths, UAE = 30K deaths, 43M vaccination have been administered.
  13. WHS document vs Mandate – document raises serious safety concerns about vaccinations which could be called Industrial Manslaughter under WHS Act (QLD) or each state;
  14. Employers face up to $5M fine plus 20 years jail which is a crime of gross negligence; family members can sue for civil damages with an instrument of authorization; authorization to supply or administer a poison (SARS COV2 (COVID19), QLD Gov Poisons Act 2014? Research.  This vaccination is classified as an S4 poison and should be labelled as poison which is extremely harmful.

Potential Breaches:

  1. OH&S & WH&S Act;
  2. Privacy Act;
  3. Anti Discrimination/Equal Opportunity Act vaccinated vs unvaccinated;
  4. Public Health vs Biosecurity Act inconsistency – need to be directed to an individual;
  5. Fair Work Act – prevents discrimination in the workplace;
  6. Industrial Relations Act;
  7. Equal Opportunity Act;

Small business is set up to be destroyed to accept full liability and they will breach a minimum of 4 Federal Acts; vaccine currency; serious penalties for a fatality could involve a coroner and an autopsy and fined for gross negligence with jail term of 5 years plus and damages awarded up to $2.7M.

Telegram Group WA Conscious Business:

  1. Send your documents to local and state governments –  waiting for medical evidence to proceed (DNA & Cancer);
  2. Form a Small Business Collective as businesses are scared of a $100K fine but the government are poisoning us and the need to provide more medical evidence to avoid vaccine injury and litigation;
  3. Complete the paperwork from the Telegram Group;
  4. Send to your WHS Manager or Supervisor and a copy to WH&S Management, send an email to Government State and Federal departments and officials; target your local Council and Government Regulators; complete the Risk Assessment document and ask for contingency plans and control measure;
  5. Contact e:
  6. www.
  7. Ask the police if they come to your business are they an authorized officer from the Chief Health Officer?;
  8. Access local council and State Governments and ask for safety data and enforce NO MANDATES;
  9. Research your state Police Code of Conduct.

Employers are breaching S109 of the Constitution and the Federal Privacy Act 1988, they are breaching 4 laws;

Charges include :

  1. Industrial manslaughter;
  2. They want to destroy small business;
  3. Get together as communities;
  4. Research WH&S Acts and put them on notice for breaches;
  5. Tell them there was no consultation done;
  6. In Japan they have rolled out Ivermectin and TGA are banned, Ivermectin has been used for 40 plus years;
  7. Our government are acting like NAZI Germany;
  8. Start a local business page in your area ie. GC Conscious Businesses : follow the process and communicate via email, record all conversations with management and only respond in writing; have a support person in all meetings and raise a safety issue.

Kind Regards
Annie Pritchard
Human Rights Advocate

Human Rights Advocates Australia

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