Gympie Pistol Club – Read the LAW

The Gympie Pistol Club. Queensland, recently voted to impose the Covid mandates on anyone wishing to enter their premises. This is my letter to them.
~ Mike Holt

TO: The Club President and all members

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The vote by your club to discriminate against people who have chosen not to get the Jab is putting you all in dire jeopardy of arrest, imprisonment, and/or a large fine.

I suggest you read this web page carefully, as it explains the law very clearly:

Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is attached to this email so that you can learn what your rights are in Common Law. In 1946 the Australian People voted in a Constitutional Referendum to allow the government to provide medical services, but they included a caveat: (but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription)

That means they can provide a service, but it is our choice whether we avail ourselves of the service or not.

If your club denies people entry to your business premises for not revealing their private medical information, that is also a crime against the Privacy Act 94H (c)(i)(ii). The punishment for each crime is 5 years and/or a $63,000 fine for each person convicted. 

We have lived with viruses ever since Man started walking on this Earth. If you are that afraid of a virus when fully armed, what does that say about you? Shouldn’t you be setting a good example by protecting our Rights, instead of bowing down to government dictates? Everyone who has challenged the Covid fines in court has won their case, because A MANDATE IS NOT A LAW!

Discrimination, for any reason, is also an international crime against human rights. Again, the penalties are severe.

I urge you all to do more research. Check the laws quoted above, and then I hope you will reverse your decision. 

Rest assured, should you obey the true law and re-open your doors to all, you will garner a lot of public approval. We, the People, have had enough of the division and discrimination the government and media is trying to force on us, sowing wild hysteria over a common flu with an average recovery rate of 99.9%… Lower than the Flu recovery rate in previous years!

So, we are taking action to right these terrible wrongs being done against the Australian people by encouraging unity and freedom of choice. Your club only exists because of its people. Do you really want to alienate some of them?

To encourage businesses to welcome everyone, we have provided a website to show people which businesses we should support. We would love to add yours to the map.

Although I am not a member of your club, I have been a shooter for many decades. Please don’t deny that pleasure to anyone else just because you fear a flu virus. 

Warm regards,
Mike Holt

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