Time for the Military to Step in?


To the Members of the House of Representatives and Senate

Defence Act 1903.

Power of Governor – General to make order

 Section 33 (3) The Governor-General may, by written order, call out the Defence Force and direct the Chief of the Defence Force to utilise the Defence Force to protect the Commonwealth interests against the domestic violence or threat, or both.

By Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900 and S 61 Constitution the Governor-General has a duty, to read the word “may” as “must”, when the “courts judges and people” of the Commonwealth mentioned in S 5 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 are oppressed and subjected to unbridled domestic violence. The infliction of unbridled domestic violence by all governments which are like any other entity, subject to the Rule of Law, under the Constitution and Law of the Commonwealth, in so many ways, and at law the government of a State or the Commonwealth is no better than any other individual. It is the duty of the Governor-General in S 61 Constitution to execute and maintain the Law of the Commonwealth.

Section 61. Executive power.
The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen’s representative and extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.

S62 Federal Executive Council.
There shall be a Federal Executive Council to advise the Governor-General in the government of the Commonwealth, and the members of the Council shall be chosen and summoned by the Governor-General and sworn as Executive Councilors, and shall hold office during his pleasure.

These two very important pieces of legislation, absolutely central to the Rule of Law in the Commonwealth have been subverted and bastardised by the Party Political System and the Governor-General has not since the very first Governor-General been prepared to do his/her job properly. The Judicial Power of the Commonwealth is vested by Ch III Constitution in the Governor-General. By Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900 he has the absolute power to appoint Judges and Magistrates and Justices of the Peace. A small minority of would-be aristocrats about 1,500 in number rule the Commonwealth ruthlessly. They are members of the National Judicial College of Australia. They are unelected and appointed by party political governments. They hold the Governor-General and Parliament of the Commonwealth in contempt. They are Commissars, and Commissioners and a type of Communist Government arrogant beyond belief.

Instead of, since Federation choosing the Executive Council from the elected representatives proportionally as a whole, every Governor-General since Federation has chosen it exclusively from the members of the political party with the greatest majority or control of the Parliament of the Commonwealth. The case for a return to the Rule of Law is very strong. In 1991 in Gye v McIntyre[1991] H C A 60 the High Court ruled that if there have been mutual dealings between two individuals or entities, and a bankruptcy is inflicted upon one, an account “Must” be taken. This should have ended the frauds associated with bankruptcies used by all sorts of criminals, including banks, insurance companies, Law firms, and Trustees in Bankruptcy and the Australian Government and State Governments. In 1996 by the case of Kable V the Director of Public Prosecutions of New South Wales, [ 1996] HCA 24, it was ruled no State or the Commonwealth as the super State could create a Court with a Judge. The Governor-General has an independent duty to execute and maintain the Constitution and Laws of the Commonwealth. He has the power to call upon the Australian Military Forces to do so if the Australian Federal Police will not and they have not since 1979 and their creation. Organized criminals with white collars, are our rulers. Elections are meaningless while this criminal class rules unchecked.

The greatest threat to the peace order and good governance of the Commonwealth and a vital Commonwealth interest is the widespread and systematic contempt by Judges and Magistrates for the Law of the Commonwealth and of the legal profession from whom all Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists are drawn. The very Act of Judging is a violent terrorist act, and by S 79 Constitution reserved to judges, not a Judge in Court, and the Parliament of the Commonwealth has legislated against it, but in Melbourne of the 25th March 2024 a Professional Domestic Violence Terrorist in the County Court of Victoria one Senior Acting Judge Merryl Sexton inflicted domestic violence on one Michael Thomas of the Family Holt condoning the domestic violence inflicted upon the said Michael Thomas Holt by a Judge Michael Bourke that resulted in his arrest and transportation to Melbourne from Queensland and incarceration for six days on application of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions and State of Victoria. To allow it to inflict domestic violence and steal and appropriate private property, the Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists in the Parliament of Victoria have seceded from the Commonwealth unilaterally without a referendum and recruited all Police and Judges and Magistrates as accessories after the fact. The same has occurred in every State and a state of war between the civilian population and the State and Local government exists and the State of Victoria and all other States are occupied by an armed and dangerous arm of a State Government supported by Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists. The many commercial enterprises who benefit from Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists including banks, insurance companies, and anyone with enough money to hire Australian Lawyers to rob another individual, and that includes State Governments, and the Commonwealth could not do so if the Australian Military Forces were charged with suppressing domestic violence.

Aiding and abetting and colouring with the cloak of law the other Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists who have been armed by the State of Victoria in Victoria and every State called Police acting as a State Military Force not under the control of the Governor-General contrary to S 114 Constitution, supported by the Australian Lawyers who make up the balance of the Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists with the Judges and Magistrates drawn from Australian Lawyers should be disarmed.

The Common Law declared by the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and Constitution, was supposed to be by Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900 enforceable and implemented by the Governor-General but Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd believed they could repeal it without a referendum and substitute their own Letters Patent. The Parliament of the Commonwealth in 1980 outlawed this form of Professional Domestic Violence Terrorist. In 1986 they made it permanent as Schedule 2 to the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

A platoon of infantry who have sworn allegiance to the King of the Commonwealth, should be dispatched to arrest these treasonous individuals, starting with the head of Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists, the High Court, who refuse to discipline their inferiors and issue Prerogative Writs in the name of the King to do so. Based on the High Court Rules 2004 as evidence against them they are all guilty. Every arbitrary judgment since 1980 made in contradiction of Article 9 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that the High Court has refused to review, every infringement of S 268:12 Criminal Code Act 1995 since 2002 by Professional Domestic Violence Terrorists should be reversed and compensated under the Law of the Commonwealth for their sins under the Covid 19 scam the States should be abolished and liquidated. The Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900 should be dusted off and reinstated, and the Rule of Law restored to ease the cost of living artificially increased by State and Local Governments. No serving Judges and Magistrates should be allowed to continue in Office. They all stand accused, and since the Australian Federal Police will not supply policing the Australian Military Forces should.

This proposition should be addressed under S 53 Constitution and the proposition that unless the members of the Parliament of the Commonwealth fix the National Anti- Corruption Commission Act 2022, they be invoiced at Common Law be suspended upon an undertaking from them to do so as soon as possible. Unless the Governor-General does his job, he should be suspended and tried by the Parliament of the Commonwealth.

These are my submissions.

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