Ex Victorian Police officer comments on Fines

This article was first published on Monday, March 10, 2014, but it’s too important to let it fade into the past.

Hello, I’m an ex copper now out of the force for 2 years and I can tell you I’m prepared to go to jail for the crimes I did to the community by issuing fines, issuing caution notices when I was not a court, serving invalid court orders, warrants etc, pulling over people for a statistical routine check against Section 92 Constitution.

If any illegal and treasonable, fraudulent council by-law officer or parking infringement crims, fraudulent police or protective service officers who give their Oath to the Queen and formerly a contract as well to which Parliament withdrew, any illegal Vic Roads officers, or fraudulent and treasonable transport authorized officers or any corporatized illegal gov’t department thinks that fines are a contract and civil penalty as parliament have stated for the invalid university acts then they will eventually be put on the list to be charged.

Councils state they are a criminal offence and will purport a contract through our Cest Qui Vie trust.  Most police would not know and don’t care as they know fines are for criminal offences.

 1. This is from a 125 page letter I wrote regarding an illegal speeding fine to the Traffic Camera office police officers who are now on my list to be charged: But you have continually aided the treasonable Victorian Parliamentwhen you have your Oath and contract to the Queen.  You do not have an Oath to the Parliament.  You have NO EXCUSE as Police Officers, Politicians, magistrates, judges, justices, lawyers, Commissioners, Directors and other officers in a position of trust and responsibility for aiding and abetting this treasonable Parliament or any of the treasonable departments who are operating as an illegal business.  Under the NUREMBERG TRIALS verdicts:  One of the results of the Nuremburg trials, that have been adopted world-wide, stated “that even if you are obeying orders when committing a crime, you are personally guilty of that crime.” This is confirmed by any Commonwealth or State laws regarding Aid ‘N’ Abet offences.

 2.Hansard 1-3-1898 Constitution Convention Debates taken from Annotated version of the Constitution by Quick and Garran 1901.

QUOTE   Sir JOHN DOWNER.- I think we might, on the attempt to found this great Commonwealth, just advance one step, not beyond the substance of the legislation, but beyond the form of the legislation, of the different colonies, and say that there shall be embedded in the Constitution the righteous principle that the Ministers of the Crown and their officials shall be  liable for any arbitrary act or wrong they may do, in the same way as any private person would be.END QUOTE

  1. The Victorian Police Force Badge and Oath.

The Police Badge depicted below is shown on the top left hand corner of any illegal infringement notice or fine as well as any legitimate letterhead of the Police Force as the illegal fine must have UK Coat of Arms and a Common Seal and signature of a Judicial Officer, not Officer in Charge.   This is a reminder that you and every Police Officer serve the Queen namely Queen Elizabeth II as per you oath, not the Victorian Parliament.

  1.   The crown is the symbol of royal authority and the allegiance of members of the Victoria Police to our Sovereign.  It shows that the organisation of Her Majesty, the Queen is controlled by the state of Victoria.  (NOT THE PARLIAMENT)

The circular title band has the words VICTORIA and POLICE. Both these words are highlighted in navy blue enamel in the band.  This tells people which police service the badge belongs to.

The five-point star symbolises that Victoria Police Members will go in any direction to perform their duties.

The motto in navy blue, is ‘Uphold the right’ a fitting motto for any police service.

The centre piece of the badge represents the constellation of the Southern Cross. The red enamel background of the navy-blue cross indicates the link/connection between Victoria Police members and the Queen/royalty.

The laurel wreath symbolises bravery. Members of Victoria Police stand out as courageous people.

  1.   I acknowledge, just like many police officers have admitted to forgetting about their Oath and contract to the Queen Elizabeth II and there is no excuse for any police officer including some Transit Police officers have stated: “I’ve got better things to do with my time” or other officers state “I’m just serving the people of Victoria.”  There has been conversation about you Superintendent McWhirter that you have stated “It is my role as head of the Traffic Camera Office and if you offend against any law you will be fined.”  I sincerely hope this was not true as people are waking up and when the time comes you and many other police officers risk spending the rest of your life in jail, just like many politicians and the magistrates, judges and justices who refuse to honour the Commonwealth Constitution and constantly breach you Oaths to the Crown namely the Queen.  

Please find your Oath and contract as per Imperial Acts under Police Regulation Statute Act 1873 First Schedule, the Police Regulation Act 1890 Second Schedule and Confirmed by Police Regulation Act 1958 – Second Schedule 3

“ I swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen as a member of the Police Force of Victoria in such capacity as I may be hereafter appointed, promoted, or reduced to without favour or affection malice or ill-will for the period of from this date, and until I am legally discharged; that I will see and cause Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and preserved; and that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against the same, and that while I shall continue to be a member of the Police Force of Victoria I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties legally imposed upon me faithfully and according to law.”

  1. From the Police Statute Act 1873 and the Police Regulation Act 1890, a Police officer’s contract with the Queen to which I cannot locate under the Police Regulations Act 1958: 

Section 12.  “Every person who has taken and subscribed such oath shall be taken to have, from the day on which such oath shall have been oath equivalent taken and subscribed, thereby entered into a written agreement with, and shall be thereby bound to serve Her Majesty as a member of the force, and in whatsoever capacity he may be hereinafter required to serve, and at the current rate of pay of any rank to which he may be appointed or reduced until legally discharged.

  1.    Question: Where is a Police Officer’s Oath and Contract to any Parliament?

By issuing fines or failing to obey any Act from England or the Commonwealth Constitution, you have breached your Oath and therefore you are not a Police Officer, you are fraudulently representing a Police Officer that serves the Queen and the people. Charges are inevitable especially if you continue to act like a court and you think you are above the law of the Commonwealth Constitution.

Comment: Under certain acts, public administration or service acts as well as the created State Constitution 1975 on page 163 states Part VI – Relation of public officers to political affairs that no public officer may comment on the State of Victoria or The Parliament.

Section 316 withintheCrimes Act 1958 Victoria (Breach of Oath to the Queen).

(1) Every person who—

          (a) administers or is present at and consents to the administering of any oath or engagement in the nature of an oath purporting to bind the person who takes it to commit treason or murder; or

          (b) takes any such oath or engagement not being compelled to do so; or

          (c) induces or attempts to induce any person to take any such oath or engagement-
          shall be guilty of an indictable offence, and shall be liable to level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum).

(2) Every person who—

(a) administers or is present at and consents to the administering of any oath or engagement in the nature of an oath purporting to bind the person who takes it to act in any of the ways following (that is to say):—
          (i) to engage in any mutinous or seditious enterprise;
          (ii) to commit any indictable offence other than treason or murder;
          (iii) to disturb the public peace;
(iv) to be of any association society or confederacy formed for the purpose of doing any such act as aforesaid;
          (v) to obey the order or commands of any committee or body of men not lawfully constituted or of any leader or commander or other person not having authority by law for that purpose;
          (vi) not to inform or give evidence against any associate confederate or other person;
          (vii) not to reveal or discover any unlawful association society or confederacy or any   illegal act done or to be done or any illegal oath or engagement that may have been administered or tendered to or taken by himself or any other person or the import of any such oath or engagement; or

(b) takes any such oath or engagement not being compelled to do so; or

(c) induces or attempts to induce any person to take any such oath or engagement—
shall be guilty of an indictable offence, and shall be liable to level 6 imprisonment (5 years maximum)

You have now or you have been informed that the Parliament and all Departments are committing Treason against the People, so you must act or you face this additional charge:  Section 322E. Treason and misprision of treason not affected
          Nothing in this Part shall be taken to affect directly or indirectly any matter of law or practice.

1. Applicable to treason or misprision of treason.

2. As per Wikipedia Definition: Misprision of treason is an offence found in many common law jurisdictions around the world, having been inherited from English law. It is committed by someone who knows a treason is being or is about to be committed but does not report it to a proper authority. It is therefore unusual in that it is a criminal offence which may be committed through inaction.

   Blacks Law Dictionary 9th Edition Page 1091

Misprison of Treason.  (16c) Concealment or nondisclosure of someone else’s treason.

This is typical the way Parliament has created private companies and employ people just like all Transport Authorized officers displaying the crown on a badge as part of their uniform, but I cannot find any Oath under the Transport Act 1983 or any other Transport Acts and these officers do not understand they must swear an Oath.

  1.   The Sheriff Officers display the UK Coat of Arms on their letters & enforce invalid or illegal court orders or notices without displaying the UK Coat of Arms or a Common Seal or even a signature.  As a former Police Officer, I saw this every time we applied for a warrant, an intervention order or any other court order to which I now comprehend is totally invalid.  Also Sheriffs illegally seize property without a legitimate court warrant from the invalid Infringements court or any other court that does not display the correct coat of arms, common seal containing the Crown with the name of the court and a signature of the judicial officer.

The Sheriffs have their own Act aptly named Sheriff Act 2009 “Parliament of Victoria enacts”.  Total use of the illegal Australia Act and all Sheriff’s breach their Oath only under a valid Supreme court Act before 1975 and therefore commit Treason by acting as a Corporation, commit Fraud by impersonating a Sheriff Officer by acting for a Corporation that is not registered with ASIC.

Victoria Sheriff Act 2009† No. 9 of 2009[Assented to 24 March 2009]

  1.   The Parliament of Victoria enacts:

                             Part 1—Preliminary  Section 1: Purpose

          The main purpose of this Act is to provide a legislative framework for the appointment of the sheriff, the deputy sheriff and sheriff’s officers and their functions, powers and duties.

Lawyers and the Prosecutions department do not give an Oath of Allegiance to the Queen as it was removed from their Acts. “All these Acts have the Parliament of Victoria Enacts as follows” as the commencement to the Acts.  That is an alleged form of Treason. Parliament cannot act as sovereign impossible since 1900 and cannot remove the Queen without a Referendum.

Courts and Tribunals Legislation (Further Amendment) Act 2000

3. Oath of allegiance no longer required
In section 6(1) of the Legal Practice Act 1996,
for paragraph (c) substitute

“(c) takes an oath of office, or makes an affirmation of office, in the form required by the Court.”

          Public Prosecutions Act 1994 – SECT 51 Transitional provisions
          (3) On the commencement of this subsection the office of Prosecutor for the
          Queen is abolished and any holder of that office goes out of office.  The Parliament states the Prosecutors still refer to the Crown, but they repealed Section 352 Crimes Act 1958 concerning the office of the Queen and to be appointed under this invalid Act.

1. As stated, our courts do not give their Oath to the Queen as they give it to the State Parliament under the Corporation of Victoria and operate under Business Unit 19 that was confirmed by two former Victorian Supreme Court Justices Ormiston and Phillips.  Only Police Officers, PSO’s and Parliament have oaths to the Queen, but breach their Oaths by ignoring any English Act and the Commonwealth Constitution including Commonwealth Referendums.

2. All State, Territory and Commonwealth parliamentarians breach Section 44 Commonwealth Constitution that disqualifies them     as Politicians and under Section 46 Commonwealth Constitution the penalty is one hundred pounds for every day a fraudulent Politician sits as a fraudulent representative of the people by giving their allegiance to a foreign entity.
I’m happy for you to make this available to your members.


David – Ex Victoria Police Officer

The TRUTH behind the co called ‘speeding’ (and other) fines. Something worthy of the Herald Sun publishing? This document has been published a couple of years ago, and is accurate to the very last detail.

This post has been forwarded to Mark Butler from news.com.au to publish on the news / heraldsun website.

EDIT:- 1 May 2014

This information has been passed to the reporter mentioned above, from the Herald Sun publication, on the 10th of March 2014, but no response has been received to this date yet.

As members of the Commonwealth of Australia no Australian is under any obligation to pay the fictitious fines imposed by the fake political party corporate government.

You can fight back and tell them you will not accept their offer to contract using the e-Book “Steps to fight fines and stay out of court”.

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