Answering the accusers


Obviously, she doesn’t realize that she is committing a crime that could cost her a lot of money and loss of face.

So, Celia / Delia / Deeks, Flo Osborne this is for you…

Celia/Delia/Deeks Facebook page is

Government & Corporate Crimes Against Aussies ( GCC)

You have accused me of being a sex tour operator, a sex fiend, and various other nasty things…obviously dredged up from your own deranged mental illness. The screen shot of me standing in my business suit was downloaded from my Thailand company website (since closed down). Note that it says nothing about running sex tours. I owned and operated an IT company, as well as a Real Estate company. She makes a sweeping accusation, but of course she doesn’t back it up with any concrete evidence.

Celia/Delia/Deeks, it is obvious you don’t know what you are talking about, so I’m going to educate you here. Then you can slink back under your rock and stop attacking good people. Yes…I know you have also attacked others you don’t agree with, including Wayne Glew, one of our bravest fighters for the truth.

Let’s start at the beginning:

Celia, do you remember this discussion I’ve screen-shotted below that we had on Facebook Private Messenger? Read through it.

Your opening sentence appeared to be nice…what on earth were you talking about? I had no idea!

At the time, I was being criticized for showing a picture of me meeting up with Senator Fraser Anning. So it was only natural that I assumed that was what you were talking about too. If you read your opening sentence you don’t say what you are talking about. What was I supposed to make of “…the you know who/what….”? Let’s face it. You didn’t make any sense.

Then, after I made my statement about Fraser Anning did you accept my obvious confusion and try to explain in plain simple English what you were really referring to?

No. You went straight into attack mode. Anyone reading your response would glean two things from it. First, your response was extremely volatile. And it was completely inappropriate…not to mention illiterate again. You obviously have a lot of trouble communicating anything clearly.

Do you know that this is one of the signs of a disturbed Psychopathic personality? These are just some of the signs you exhibited:

  • Insincere Speech – You started out saying something nice, but incomprehensible to me, then quickly descended into abuse after my first polite response.
  • Overconfidence – You assume you are right and everyone else is wrong. Wrong! You can’t be right when you can’t even communicate.
  • Passive avoidance and processing emotions – Your inability to avoid a massive outburst of anger, and the abuse you threw out starting with your answer to my first statement about FA shows that you cannot control your emotions.
  • Selfishness – Everything is about you and when people point out that you could be wrong you go straight into attack mode. To you, it’s all about you.
  • Violence – Verbal abuse is a form of violence. So is your reaction to your frustration that I completely misunderstood you and subsequent attempts to dig up an “dirt” on me to justify your illogical hatred is a manifestation of the violence smoldering within you.

Anyone reading my responses to you in the following Facebook Private Message discussion can see that I was unfailingly polite until right at the end when I had suffered enough of your abuse. I haven’t posted that bit because that would be too embarrassing even for you. But ask yourself: Was I rude to you? Did I “attack” you, as you claim in your Facebook posts? I have never attacked you. I have only ever spoken the truth. But that is something you obviously cannot handle, isn’t it Celia/Delia/Deeks?

Here is the message exchange that started you off on your attempts to attack me. But you have failed. I am much stronger, wiser, and more experienced at dealing with people like you. By exposing your anger and inability to communicate I present the following expose of your silly accusations against me.

Screenshot 1 of a Private Message conversation with Celia

Screenshot 2 of a Private Message conversation with Celia

Screenshot 3 of a Private Message conversation with Celia

Screenshot 4 of a Private Message conversation with Celia

Now, let’s answer your accusation: Everything I’m about to say can be verified by witnesses who worked with me to chase down an American paedophile to get him arrested and jailed.

You accuse me of being a paedophile:

Keith Summers at work

1. An American, calling himself Keith Summers aka John Galt, aka The Galt, aka The Galster, among many other names he hid behind, who was convicted of cocaine trafficking in Florida went to live in Bangkok. He set up a website to attack a friend of mine who published a website about Thailand night life. This American was jealous of how popular my friend’s website was and set up his own to attack and try to take visitors away. The only problem was that this Yank was so badly educated he couldn’t write. He became a laughing stock instead.

This only inflamed his massive ego so he expanded his attacks to others as well. He actually boasted on his website that he slept with underage girls (see picture below Summers took in a Thai market). He stalked one of these 9 year old girls, trying to groom her to take her back to his apartment. So he admitted for everyone to see that he was a pedophile. I still have a copy of his website where he confirmed he is a pedophile.

Summers’ Florida Police arrest sheet
Summers took this photo to feed his 
obsession with a 9 year old girl

The website is vile. Plenty of people saw it when I posted it to counter the attacks by that silly mob that you Ceila/Delia and Deeks are relying on for your “evidence” way back in 2015. Those attackers set up six facebook pages to try and destroy my good name. But they all slunk back under their rocks too when I named and shamed them…and I issued a summons to court to one of them. When he realized the world of trouble he was in he immediately deleted his facebook page and erased himself as much as possible from the internet…but not before my PI gave me his name and address in Katoomba where he ran a tree trimming business. Yes, I knew that and plenty more about him, and that’s how much I know about you too Celia/Delia/Deeks. Surprised? So watch it! If you continue to try and destroy my reputation I will drag you into court and I will destroy you. I will take everything you value.

2. This Yankee idiot Summers then started attacking others he was jealous of. I became one of his targets when I was silly enough to email him to ask why he was trying to destroy my friend’s good name. He posted a bunch of lies about me, just as Celia/Delia/Deeks has been trying to do on Facebook. She, and Summers, have never produced any evidence to back up their accusations…and of course they never can.

So this is not new. There are nasty toads like these neanderthals everywhere. But as a result of Summers’ attacks four of his “victims” teamed up with me, including a clinical psychologist who helped us analyse his mental health, and we gathered enough evidence to have him arrested. I still have a letter from this psychologist certifying that the Yank has a psychopathic personality. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same applies to Celia/Delia/Deeks too. And this is a translation of his arrest warrant issued by the Thai Police.

A Translated Thai Court Arrest Warrant for Russel Keith Summers
still valid today should he ever enter Thailand again

Summers was convicted of computer crimes for posting his attacks against many people, and for posting pictures of underage girls…crimes which carry a minimum 5 year prison term in Thailand. If he is ever stupid enough to try and re-enter Thailand he will have to serve at least 5 years for his conviction, plus much more time for fleeing Thailand. The penalty for your online attacks is probably about the same here…so Celia/Delia/Deeks are playing a very dangerous game when they try to smear my name. I’m an old hand at fighting this type of filth. They are amateurs by comparison.

Summers was given bail after his conviction, pending a decision on how much jail time he should serve. The Thai police forgot to seize his passport. So he packed up and fled the country overland through Cambodia and Vietnam. He ended up in China where he re-opened his website and continued his attacks against anyone he felt was his enemy. The Thai Police Warrant for his arrest is still open and always will be. So he can never return to Thailand. Once again, I have proof as shown above….where is Celia/Delia/Deeks’s?

We tracked Summers down and reported him to the Chinese authorities. When things started to get too hot for him in Shanghai he soon fled to the Philippines where we believe he still resides. He loves to go where there are plenty of young girls available for his perversion.

I downloaded a copy of his website while he was still on trial in Thailand and then uploaded it on to my hosting server before the Thai police forced him to shut it down. Here is the link to his NotStickmanBangkok website.

This POS originally went to Thailand with a sex tour…the name of the tour company was, get this, MAN TOURS. Here are a couple of pictures of him during that first holiday. The one above shows Keith conducting his own Man Tour after he arrived in Thailand and decided there was so much easy sex available he wanted to do whatever he could to ensure he stayed in Thailand.

As he said on his website, he liked all the Thai prostitutes so much he decided to stay. He then set up his own sex tour business. So now you know the source of that particular rubbish Celia/Delia/Deeks accuse me of. It wasn’t me running sex tours. It was him! And I can prove it….look at his website and the pictures he has provided on it. Again…I have the proof…where is Celia/Delia/Deeks’s?

3. Celia/Delia/Deeks accuse me of wanting to run for election as a member of the Advance Australia Party. If she had half a brain she would have done some research instead of repeating the lies of other idiots like her. She even used the AAP Party logo in her accusation. Obviously, someone feeding her all this false information got that wrong too…because a quick Google search reveals that this party was set up by an ALP proxy back in 1988, and it was de-registered on 5 December 2005…Four Years before I returned home from living 30 years in Thailand! How could I possibly have been a member, and remained one up to today, when I wasn’t even here! How could I possibly run for election this year when the AAP was disbanded more than 13 years ago!

4. I am not a candidate, and never will run for election in a political party. I did stand for election as a One Nation candidate in 2015, but I was so disgusted by the whole thing, including the Party management, that I resigned soon after the election and continued learning why the government doesn’t listen to us. I have since published many articles exposing the crimes and treason of the major and minor political parties.

Once again Celia/Delia/Deeks display their abject ignorance here too. Celia has been sharing my articles on her facebook page, Government & Corporate Crimes Against Aussies ( GCC), apparently UNAWARE THAT I AM THE AUTHOR!!! CIRNOW website is mine!!! Hahahaha! How dumb are you feeling now Celia/Delia/Deeks? 

5. She accuses Advance Australia of trying to bring down GetUp!, as if that is a bad thing. But once again she displays her abject ignorance. There is another Brisbane-based group calling itself Advance Australia too. Their website domain ends in .ORG.AU and it features a blue map of Australia sprinkled with stars. We have spoken to them and support their work, but they are not my group. I have already stated this a few times on Facebook. So where is your evidence Celia/Delia/Deeks?

The other Advance Australia
nothing to do with Mike Holt

I don’t mind people attacking me. It shows that I am ruffling feathers…and at the end of the day those making the false accusations obviously don’t realize that people hate your type Celia/Delia/Deeks. You just end up looking sad and pathetic. In the old days you would have been called a “scold”. The punishment for scolds was the ducking chair. Read all about it here: Ducking a Scold

But who knows? Perhaps the truth I have just told you might open your eyes one day. 

If you still insist after reading this that I am all the things you claim, then your hatred has obviously addled your brain. I don’t care. I’ve presented my evidence, with material to prove the truth of what I say.

People can judge for themselves who is telling the truth. And those who know my work can see what is going on. Your pathetic attacks against me only show people that you are afraid and jealous of my work…and I stand by my work, not by my ego like you.

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