This web site is an expose of living and working in Thailand.  I came here 6 years ago to restart my life and career in the "Land of Smiles".

The original stimulus for starting this web site was to debunk and otherwise refute the testimony of another web blogger Paul Owen.  Paul is a Bangkok English Teacher and publishes   Thus, I choose the name to counter his opinions and this became a lighting rod which drew a great deal of attention in late 2007.

Still today well over a year later, supports of "the cause" email me at

And what is my cause?  I'm interested in offering the "other" opinion about Thailand that is free from commercial angles.  My goal is to strip away the BS from those who would miss-lead the public for their own personal fun and profit at the expense of the readership.   Thailand can be a great place to see and visit but you need to hear the honest facts about it so you aren't swindled by those who know how to manipulate the system.

Thailand is not like the west.  There is little here in the way of consumer protection.  Asians work on a different premise -- and namely that is "Buyer Beware".   If you come where with a natural inclination to trust, especially the foreigners who live and work here, it's very likely that you not receive the best treatment.

You also need to know - that those who suffer loss from my publishing have sponsored and continue to sponsor slander against my name -- using my likeness and and words on other rogue websites as a way to diminish the weight of my message.   If these people are working so herd to discredit me, is it just possible that my publishing is fairly accurate?

But all is not negative.   There are many wonderful sides to Thailand and with just the right amount of knowledge and common sense you'll really find your experiences here quite positive.

Be prepared for a little levy and a side-ways look at Thailand.

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John Galt is my chosen pen name.  I use that persona to add some humor to my writing.  My real name is Keith Summers and I'm from the US.

I am the managing direction of the company below.   We produce a very creative line of LED electronics and control equipment here in Thailand.

The views expressed on this Site are NOT for Sale.  That makes them worth a read.

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