Change the Constitution?


This is the usual knee-jerk reaction we hear whenever someone says that the Constitution needs to be changed. Time and again we hear Australians saying that we should not amend our Constitution….that it is just fine as it is.

We the People are the only ones with the right to decide who governs us

These people obviously have never read our Constitution, or if they have they certainly didn’t understand it. Yet it is written in clear, simple English that any person with a primary school education can understand.

Change is Essential for Growth to Occur

What they are really saying is that they are ignorant of what a Constitution is, and how it should work. In fact, a Constitution should be a dynamic set of guidelines for managing our country that change as a nation grows and changes. If we don’t change it we cannot ever hope to move forward and create a better society. So let’s see why we have arrived at this terrible time in our political life….

change australian-constitution-writers
The men who wrote the Australian Constitution

The Constitution was written over a 50 year period in the 19th Century during the Horse and Buggy era. At the time, Australia was divided into 6 British colonies, taking orders and its laws from the Queen and British Parliament.

But that all changed in 1901 when Australia managed after much wrangling to unite the 6 British colonies into ONE British Colony, with the Australian Constitution tacked onto a British Parliamentary Act…in fact, the first eight Sections of the Constitution are actually controlled by the British Parliament today, and they cannot be changed.

change WeThePeopleBuilt

The rest of the Constitution is a marvelous piece of legislation that gives Australians a blueprint to set up an Australian Government. The Constitution lays out the structure of the government, as well as the obligations and responsibilities for the Federal and State Parliaments, as well as the rights of the Australian people to govern ourselves.

What the Constitution does NOT mention is a Prime Minister, or allowing Political Parties to form government. In fact, the Constitution specifically states that only We the People may choose our representatives (See Sections 16 & 34).

Section 128 gives ONLY We the People the right to amend the Constitution by voting in a referendum. But the one big weakness in it is that our founding fathers didn’t give us the power to start a referendum. Instead, ONLY the politicians may start a referendum….and they have not done their job of serving We the People by doing that. Instead, almost every referendum they have presented to us since 1901 has been aimed at increasing their power over us. But we are not that stupid. Of the 44 referendums we have voted in, We the People have passed only 8! That is a miserable record for any democratic nation.

Our Constitution is no longer guiding the nation as it should in these modern times. It was not designed to take into consideration the many social, technical, and global changes that have occurred since 1901.

In other words, it is outdated and it badly needs to be revised.

But what should we revise?

That is what Advance Australia is all about….providing a blueprint for change; the 5-Point Plan.

The first 5 steps in the plan will get our nation back on its feet in the quickest possible time by reforming the electoral system, our taxation system, and restoring national pride in all Australians through service to the nation.

Once that is done, Advance Australia has provided other things that could be added to the constitution, or amended, after debate by the Australian people followed by a referendum vote on each issue, so that we end up with a stronger legal framework, and a much stronger and united nation.

We urge you to read the 5-Point Plan carefully….re-read it a few times if you can…and think about each point in the plan and the consequences of the changes that are proposed.

Advance Australia welcomes constructive criticism and feedback.

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