Get $10k for arresting the Pope!

Kevin Annett has nailed it again with this announcement.

“Faith does not require great intelligence.” – Archbishop Raymond Roussin, Vancouver, March 2007


Part One: Stick this up your Vatican Bank! Beatifical Bergie has a Bounty put on him

Terry Glavin, who calls himself a credible journalist, was a friend and former high school buddy of mine until March 17, 2007. That’s the day he angrily parted company with yours truly when a bunch of wild Indians and me started occupying Catholic churches in Vancouver. Glavin then leapt on the Trash Kevin Annett bandwagon like a horny priest does to an unsuspecting kid. After all, what’s a bog trotting papist lad like Terry to do when the Faith is under attack, saints preserve us?

I imagine Terry is doubly vexed at me this week, now that the Brussels Common Law Court that I helped launch has just placed a bounty on the head of Smiling George Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, otherwise known as Pope Francis.

That’s right, folks: ten thousand bucks now goes to anyone who helps to track down and arrest Mister B. Along with issuing a global arrest order against him, the Court has also offered amnesty to anyone (especially from his own coterie) who helps to nail Bergoglio’s fat Argentine ass.

Frankly, this new offer is really too good a deal for any catholic to pass up. Money is the medium of their faith, after all. One hundred and fifty euros can get you a special papal “blessing”, which apparently cures everything from backaches to infertility and premature baldness! And a thousand Euros will buy the soul of your dead relative a one-way ticket out of “purgatory”, which apparently is located somewhere in south Philadelphia.

Along with offering the ten grand bounty, the International Common Law Court of Justice has issued an arrest warrant against Bergoglio. Last Monday, they publicly charged him with “complicity in child rape, torture and trafficking, ritual killing, medical genocide, obstruction of justice, and a general command responsibility for mass murder and other crimes perpetrated by the Church of Rome”. And all of it is verified with a pile of eyewitness testimonies and documents gathered over six years.

So as of last Monday, people, it’s open season on Roman child killers, and any of us are legally authorized now to arrest Bergoglio, who has just had the temerity to announce he plans to visit the mass graves of aboriginal children that he created in Kamloops, British Columbia. I hope that all of you will be on hand with me and our court sheriffs that day to place the cuffs on Jorge.

This is not a time to be afraid, because the law and the tide of history is on our side. The last time the Court charged a pope with these crimes, the guy quickly resigned. For those of you with a three second memory, that was Joe Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, in February of 2013. And that particular rat is still lurking in the Vat, hiding behind some virgin’s statue lest he be arrested for the same kind of after-hours fun with children and their body parts that Bergoglio is now charged with.

I’ve seen some of the evidence on the Court Prosecutor’s docket, and let me tell you, it makes Joe the Rat look like just another small-time papal hoodlum. The beneficently-smiling Francis is charged with personally authorizing murderous Pfizer drug testing experiments on children in church orphanages and schools, participating in ghastly child-killing rituals of the notorious Ninth Circle cult, and ordering the death of inconvenient eyewitnesses to his child-trafficking practices for his buddies in the murderous Argentine military junta during the 1980’s. And that’s just for starters.

But what especially tickles me about this latest exposure of Vatican Crimes is how adeptly the Court is turning the church’s usual divide and conquer methods back on itself, by offering not only money but a get out of jail free pass to any guilty church guy who squeals on the top idolater. Since money is their god, even the most loyal papist will now be tempted to rat out Frank, and he knows it. And from experience, I know how easily the guys on the top start making suicidal mistakes once they know their own ass is on the line. Why do you think his predecessor Rat Boy scurried so quickly down a hole to avoid TV cameras and court summonses back in 2013?

How true were the words of another cleric who we forced into an anxious early retirement, Archbishop Raymond Roussin of Vancouver, when he blurted out after our occupation of his cathedral, “Faith does not require great intelligence.” That’s very true – especially at the summit of their church.

But in closing, let me say that I don’t bear any grudge against Terry Glavin, and to prove it I have a final word of advice for him, free of charge:

Terry, my man, instead of confining yourself to calling me nasty names in print, you might consider urging your master in Rome to remove his hubris for a moment, do the intelligent thing and not visit Kamloops or any other site where he and his kind ripped children to pieces and then hid the evidence. It’s never a good idea for the chief felon to hang around the crime scene like that, unless, of course, he harbors a death wish.

But then again, like any good papist, Jorge knows that crucifixion is the most sympathetic way to go.

I’m a gonna punch dat Kevin Annett in da nose!

I’m a gonna punch dat Kevin Annett in da nose!

Part Two: When Joe met Jorge – A match made somewhere other than in heaven

Well lo and behold! On the same day that Pope Francis was hit with an arrest warrant and a summons to appear before a war crimes court, US President Joe Biden just happened to be in Rome to give him an ecstatic, public seal of approval! Never let it be said that the guilty are not predictable. After all, what better defense strategy is there for a subpoenaed crook than to have the President of the United States appear as a cheerleading character reference for him?
He’s my kind of a good Catholic! God bless him!” lauded Joe, referring to the same Jorge Bergoglio who when last in America publicly praised and “beatified” the mass murderer missionary Junipero Serra and absolved over 10,000 of his priests of child rape. One shudders to think what other kind of criminally-complicit “good catholics” impress the President.

Biden’s emotional adulation of the genocidal apologist who calls himself a pope probably ranks as the most disgusting performance by a head of state in recent times. Every right thinking person, regardless of party allegiance, should condemn Biden’s treasonous behavior as a betrayal of not only any notion of the separation of church and state, but a denial of basic human rights and the lives of children. Perhaps in his  yearning for the next crop of Catholic voters, Joe Biden is forgetting that it is a gross violation of the American Constitution for a President to publicly endorse a particular religion, let alone go into raptures over its leader who heads a convicted criminal syndicate.

So what explains Biden’s abominably orgasmic fervor for the killer in a white robe?
Let’s not be naive. Rome, like Washington, knew very well about the impending arrest order that was issued last Monday against Bergoglio. A major publicity boost was needed, especially since Bergoglio is a big advocate of Big Pharma’s agenda of global mass inoculation. Recently, Bergoglio announced that every human being has a “moral responsibility” to be injected with the covid “vaccine”, and that “a single political authority” must impose the shot on everyone. As a major investor in Pfizer and other covid companies, the Vatican, like the US government, is hungry for those quarterly earnings; and Joe and Jorge are both strong advocates of the corporatist one world government (and religion) espoused by Agenda 2030.
And let’s not forget the geo-political situation. The Vatican is increasingly moving into the Chinese sphere of influence, indicated by the signing in September of an unprecedented agreement that allows the Beijing government to influence the choice of catholic Bishops within its borders. The Vatican bank is increasingly underwriting Chinese industry and military hardware, and has received over $2 billion in payments from Beijing, according to the former government insider Guo Wengei. Obviously, Rome’s cozying up to China has Joe Biden worried enough for him to act so slavishly towards Bergoglio.

Unfortunately, these facts only skim the surface of what is transpiring on the Seven Hills, and they don’t fully explain the President’s near-worship of Bergoglio. Something more heinous is at work. Frankly, Biden’s sycophantic conduct is hauntingly similar to that of the controlled presidential hopeful in the movie The Manchurian Candidate, whose behavior is turned on and off like a lightswitch by his corporate handlers. But in Biden’s case, the string puller bears a more explicit title. But perhaps the obscenity of the American head of state fawning in servility before the Father of Lies will shock more of us into awareness and outrage towards what murders the innocent behind the mask of Christianity.
At the end of the day, it is before more than a worldly court that Jorge Bergoglio and his accomplices will stand; for they have already been  judged and found guilty by that eternal source before which the world’s rulers are mere dust, be they Pope or President. But none of us dare to rest on such a cosmic assurance, for children will die horribly tonight at the hands of Church and State, and the thing that rules them.

Is it nothing to you?


Part Three: A Rotten Apple finally falls – Ed “the Enforcer” John stands trial in Canada’s Killing Zone

When I read the news last week that Ed John had been charged on only a single count of rape in a British Columbia court, I felt the way that people in Chicago did when the mega-gangster Al Capone was finally arrested and tried merely for tax evasion. Or perhaps a better analogy is when Canada’s child-slaughtering churches were accused of simply “abusing” them and then were exonerated. For Ed John has a lot in common with Capone and genocide.

I first heard Ed’s name many years ago when one of his minions grabbed me by the throat and threatened on his behalf to kill me. It happened on the opening day of the first and only independent Tribunal into the Canadian Indian “residential schools”, in June 1998 in Vancouver. The assaulting goon, a large native man named Dean Wilson, informed me that if I kept looking into missing and murdered aboriginal children Ed John would have me “whacked.”

Naturally, I was curious to learn more about his shadowy boss, even as I struggled to breathe. I didn’t have long to wait.

“Eddy makes lots of people go missing,” explained Frank Martin, a member of “Chief” John’s Carrier-Sekani tribe in northern BC. Frank had just given his statement to our Tribunal about the child trafficking and disappearances in his home of Burns Lake along the infamous “Highway of Tears”.
“Everybody’s scared of Eddy because he’s the power up north. He grabs and sells the kids on our reserve and does the dirty work for the feds and companies like Alcan to get our land. My wife Helen’s uncle was killed by Eddy’s men when he wouldn’t hand over his trap line to him.”

As Balzac observed, the greater the fortune, the weightier the crime. Ed John was for many years the wealthiest and most influential government-run Indian chief in Canada. He headed the provincial First Nations Summit, served in the provincial cabinet, and eventually became Canada’s unofficial “aboriginal ambassador” to the United Nations, as well as sitting on some major corporate boards with strong links to China. But Ed’s criminal underbelly kept bloating the higher he climbed, and it kept butting into me the deeper I dug into dead native children.

My next encounter with an Ed John goon happened the year after our Tribunal, at a gathering of Indian residential school survivors in Port Alberni. A local band council Indian named Ron Hamilton, who made other survivors run for cover when he walked into the room, informed one of them, Harry Wilson, that he would be “found floating face down in the water” if he gave testimony about the dead girl he found one morning in 1967 at the United Church’s Alberni residential school. Hamilton was “speaking for Eddy”, he informed Harry, and that was enough to silence him.

Later, when Harry told me about Ron Hamilton’s threat I confronted him, and he said to me with barely contained venom that I should “watch myself” because my name was “on a list.”

Notwithstanding my surreal sense of being trapped in the script of a Grade B gangster film, I probed deeper into Ed John after that. I discovered that he had started on his violent path at a young age, and always at the behest of either Church or State.

“He was one of the enforcers at the school,” described one of Ed’s fellow inmates at the Catholic Lejac residential school.

“Ed would rat out any of us who spoke our language and the priest let him beat up and rape anyone he liked as a reward. Later when he became Chief he had the Mounties at his beck and call because he made people go missing for them.”

Naturally, such a loyal ab-original servant of Canadian Church and State was earmarked for an illustrious political career. But Ed remained too much of the overconfident thug to avoid controversy.

In the spring of 2002, the bones of what turned out to be missing aboriginal women turned up in Ed’s backyard, on the Musqueam reservation in south Vancouver where he lived and served as the chief. The caretaker whom Ed ordered to dispose of the bones in secret, Les Guerin, instead had them analyzed. They turned out to be the classic serial killing mixture of pig and human remains. In fact, the bones had been deposited at the Musqueam reserve by one of the notorious “Piggy Palace” killers of women, Dave Pickton, whom Ed John had hired to work for the Musqueam band in the summer of 1999.

Les Guerin made the mistake of going to the RCMP and the media with what he had discovered. He was not only ignored but an aboriginal Mountie visited Les and told him that he wouldn’t live out the week if he stayed at Musqueam or ever spoke about the bones. Les went into hiding and has been on the run ever since.

After our campaign to expose the residential schools genocide brief achieved some big publicity, other witnesses like Les Guerin came forward. Many of their stories of present-day violence and criminality in the west coast native world led directly to Ed John. The latter has left a trail of rape, criminal harrassment, and murder among many poor and unnoticed native people who, like the residential school survivors who are not tied to government chiefs, are ignored by “official” Canada – especially when they indict loyal state operatives like Ed John.

None of that grisly record will be mentioned in Ed John’s present court case, of course. He has been charged on only one count of raping a woman forty five years ago, and a typical perpetrator-protecting media blackout has been imposed on the trial. The usual cosmetic gesture will be made and Eddie will be given a light admonishing, as happens to any protected servant of the Crown.

Ed John is an untouchable criminal, just like he was as an up and coming killer in the Lejac residential school. And he is especially protected nowadays, as his traditional fief in northern BC is being rapidly engulfed by Chinese money and death squads to secure the land for Beijing. Ed was a broker of the recent $22 billion liquid natural gas deal between China and west coast chiefs that surrenders most of British Columbia to Beijing. And so, like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all of China’s hired agents, Ed John’s sinecure is secure.
Meanwhile, the Highway of Tears will continue to claim its victims. And Les Guerin dwells somewhere in secret tonight, awaiting the shot or the stab from out of the dark.


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