Your Voting Duty

Your Vote Counts…or does it?

Your duty, we are told by the political parties, is to vote for the candidates on the ballot paper. This is a blatant lie.

Let’s make this very clear from the start: Read Section 7, 16 and 24 of our Constitution. Only We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia have the right to choose our representatives. No political party is mentioned in the Constitution. Nor do they have any right to choose our representatives.

So, if you participate in any election initiated by a political party government YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN THEIR TREASON!

However, we have no choice. We are forced to turn up to vote, whether we like it or not.

Sadly, too many people just vote for the same party they have always voted for, without thinking about the policies those parties offer. So, if we want to stop getting more of the same we need to change our behaviour. We need to make our vote work for us.

Senator Rod Culleton has finally got his Great Australia Party (GAP) registered. If GAP field a candidate in your electorate this is your chance to vote for them. Since writing this article candidates are stepping up who are worth voting for: Senator Rod Culleton (WA), and Wayne Glew (WA). More candidates will be announced soon.


Because Senator Culleton has sworn to govern only under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act. All GAP candidates must swear to uphold and govern by our Constitution. If candidates in other parties swear they will do the same they will garner a lot of votes…perhaps enough combined with GAP to finally topple the two party preferred system.

So, how does the two party preferred system work?

This is a useful guide:

The political parties have changed the Electoral Act to ensure that only one of the two major parties are elected….If we don’t state our Preferences on the Ballot Paper, the political parties have given themselves the power to steal your Preferences to ensure one of the Major Parties rules over us. So make sure you number candidates below the line and in the order you want to give your vote to.

Just remember this. We are forced by their law to turn up at the polling booth on election day. But we cannot be forced to vote, even though their Electoral Act says we must. What goes on in the voting booth cannot be monitored.

So, this brings up some very important questions:

  • Who do we vote for?
  • What if we don’t like any of the candidates?
  • What if we want to vote out the major parties?
  • How can we get rid of the corporate political party usurpers?

The electoral law is quite clear. We must turn up at the polling booth to sign in.


But that is all we are required to do. Once you have signed in you can walk right back out and continue your life without voting any of the potential criminals and traitors into our Parliament.

Why would you do that though? Surely your vote is valuable….isn’t it?

To answer that, we need to understand how the political parties have rigged the electoral system so that no matter who you vote for, or do not vote for, one of the two major parties — either the LIB Coalition or the ALP — will always end up forming a government — unless we vote overwhelmingly for candidates who support and swear to work under our Constitution.

The two party preferred electoral system works through a system called preferential voting that takes away your power to vote for the candidate you want.

This is why each candidate is numbered on the ballot paper. You are told to individually number and rank all candidates for both houses of parliament according to your preferences — or just vote above the line for your party…the lazy, stupid person’s vote.


A Vote for the Senate

Before you mark your senate ballot paper, you need to know that if you want to preference the people you want, you must vote below the line and number the candidates in your order of preference.

We urge you to put the LIB/LAB/Greens candidates last. If enough of us do this, we can force out the majors and pave the way for a government of the people.

This is the AEC website where you can practice voting before the election:

A Senate vote above the line
A Senate vote below the line

Voting for the Lower House (House of Representatives)

On the green ballot paper, you need to put a ‘1’ in the box beside the candidate who is your first choice, ‘2’ in the box beside your second choice and so on, until you have numbered every box.

You need to number every box for your vote to count.

This is where you can practice voting on the AEC website:

The preferential counting system is employed when no one candidate or party wins outright.

So instead of eliminating your vote if your candidate did not get enough votes to win the seat, the political parties assign your vote a “weight” and then add it to the other losing votes. These are then tallied up and assigned to the next candidate up the rankings and so on until one candidate has more of the combined votes than the other candidates. It is, clearly, a very unfair, rigged system of voting.

But what is worse is that even if you do not vote, or if you cross out all the names on the ballot paper, it makes no difference.


Some people are telling everyone we should put a line through each name on the ballot paper and write “None worth voting for”. You’ll see the acronym they use for it often on Facebook: VONC – Vote of No Confidence.

They say that by doing this we can force a new election with a new slate of candidates if more than 51% of the voters do this.

This is a lie!

The AEC has confirmed that if even one person submits a valid vote then the election will be decided by that vote. In other words, no matter how many people cross out all the candidates, it makes no difference to the ultimate result!

(Some people are confused by the difference between a VONC and a Donkey Vote. Crossing out all the names is a VONC. When you number all the candidates in the order they are presented on the ballot paper that is a Donkey Vote. )

Either way, a VONC and a Donkey vote are a waste of time. If you are going to vote you need to know who you are voting for.

So what is the truth?

Can we force the AEC to Annul the Election and call a new one?

According to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) there is no mechanism in the Electoral Act to allow the AEC to annul an election and call a new one for any reason.

The following are extracts of a letter sent to the AEC and their response:

RE: Vote Of No Confidence (VONC)

As per many Australians on social media:

If over 50% of the population submit a VONC by crossing out all names and printing Vote Of No Confidence, this would force a re-election with a complete new set of candidates to vote for.

Please confirm or deny.

Please ensure your answer is 100% correct as it will be shared with thousands of Australians.

Kind Regards,

Xxxxxx Xxxxxx

An email was received from the AEC on 6th September 2018 as follows:

Thank you for your email. The AEC conducts federal elections in accordance with the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act).

The Electoral Act determines that a House of Representatives candidate is elected for an electorate (also known as a division) if they gain more than 50 per cent of the formal vote (an absolute majority). A voter needs to number every box on the ballot paper with a series of consecutive numbers according to their preference. If this does not occur, and in certain other circumstances specified in the Electoral Act, the ballot paper will be considered informal. Further information about voting, formal and informal votes, and how votes are counted is available on the AEC website at

Hypothetically, if 60 per cent of the electorate cast an informal vote, the candidate who receives more than 50 per cent of the formal vote will be declared elected. The Electoral Act does not provide for a ‘re-election’ to automatically occur in the way you suggested. (emphasis added by this website)

If two or more candidates have an equal number of votes at the end of the counting of votes and there is no absolute majority of the formal vote, the Divisional Returning Officer writes to the Electoral Commissioner telling them that the election cannot be decided. The Electoral Act says that the Electoral Commissioner must ask the Court of Disputed Returns (a part of the High Court) for instructions to run a new election in that electorate. The new election will then be open to new candidates.

As explained above, the current arrangements that determine how voters must mark a ballot paper, and that a House of Representatives candidate may be declared elected on the basis of formal votes are set out in detail in the Electoral Act. These requirements have been in place for many years.

Changes to the Electoral Act can only be made by the Australian Parliament. If you want to change the legislation you may wish to contact your local Member of Parliament or Senator to seek their support for change. In addition, most major changes to the electoral process are considered by the Australian Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM). The JSCEM is currently conducting an inquiry into the 2016 federal election and related matters, including proposals for reform. You may wish to consider providing a submission outlining your views to the JSCEM. Further information about the role of the JSCEM is available on the Parliament House website:

I trust the above is of some assistance.

Signed by the AEC

Therefore, not even a vote of No Confidence (VONC) can force a new election. No matter how you look at it, we are forced by default to elect a candidate to Parliament, even if a majority of voters abhor that candidate….IF WE VOTE. Remember, you must sign off your name…you do not have to vote.

Knowing this, we need to ask another question:

Who may choose a Candidate to Stand for Election?

Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, the only true Constitution, states in:

SECTION: 7. The Senate shall be composed of senators for each State, directly chosen by the people of the State, voting, until the Parliament otherwise provides, as one electorate

SECTION: 24. The House of Representatives shall be composed of members directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth, and the number of such members shall be, as nearly as practicable, twice the number of the senators

SECTION : 16. The qualifications of a senator shall be the same as those of a member of the House of Representatives.

So, our Constitution states very clearly that only We the People have the right to choose candidates to vote for. It does not say anything about political parties having any right to choose candidates for us. So, every time the political parties put up a candidate they are committing Treason!

Once people start to understand this fact we can start to change the system to put the power into the hands of We, the People of the Commonwealth.

It is clear that political parties have taken away our right to choose our own candidates to vote for. They are acting unlawfully against the Constitution Act 1900/1901, and as a result they must be stopped.

Only We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia can stop them. We are the only ones with the power to vote. Therefore, theoretically the only way we can get rid of all the political parties is by refusing to vote for any candidate a political party has chosen to stand for election.

Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely. Too many people are still stuck in the political party mindset.

Isn’t it time that We the Australian people to are allowed to select non-party, independent candidates for election? Political parties are not mentioned in our Constitution. Nor is a PM or the powers that should limit one. The only official mentioned in the Constitution is the Governor General, as the appointed representative of the British Crown.


The political parties have rigged the electoral system to ensure that only one of the two major parties can form a government.

Is this what we, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia want?

Once you answer that question the solution is obvious. We must replace the current system with one that puts the power into the hands of We, the People of the Commonwealth to decide who we elect to govern, and we must have the power to recall any representative that does not perform their duties as defined and expected.

The only way to do that is to through Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).

And the only way to get Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) is to change the political system — because the political parties will never give us the right to CIR.

This is how we reclaim our birthright and unite all Australians to create a better future:

Click here to download your My Will letter:

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