Soros n Turnbull Partnership

Soros Backing Turnbull

Soros exposed: A few weeks ago a trove of hacked documents was published detailing the intricate international web of organizations nurtured by billionaire George Soros.

Dubbed ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’, Soros is a US based hedge fund operator and currency speculator worth $25 billion. In 2002 he was convicted for insider trading. The hacked documents shed light on Soros’ extensive support of groups promoting open borders; climate action; abortion; the Palestinian cause; boycotts, divestments and sanctions targeting the democratic state of Israel; as well as a range of other left-wing issues.

Soros Funding GetUp!

George Soros’s insidious influence has, regrettably, reached Australian politics as well. In 1999 Jeremy Heimans, then only 21, secured a two-month internship with the UN Security Council during which, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, he was to meet George Soros to talk about global financial speculation, which had been his honours thesis topic. In Australia six years later, in 2005, Jeremy Heimans and David Madden went on to co-found GetUp! in the model of MoveOn.org and other Soros funded political action committees.


David Madden is an entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of using technology for social change. He is a co-founder of Avaaz.org (now you see why we say never use Avaaz), the world’s largest online political movement with more than ten million members operating in 14 languages. David is also a co-founder of Australia’s GetUp!, an internationally recognized social movement with more members than all the country’s political parties combined.

In the interim, in 2004, Soros Fund Management, gave $150,000 to Win Back Respect, a US campaign started by Heimans and Madden, which ran television commercials targeting George Bush’s foreign policy. Soros also gave $2.6 million to MoveOn.org Voter Fund which, in turn, gave another $150,000 to Win Back Respect, one of whose ads was a dishonest scare that the Bush administration would reintroduce the draft to deal with troop shortages for the war in Iraq, something the President emphatically denied and which, of course, never happened.

soros-mal-turnbullTurnbull & Soros work hand in hand…but Turnbull plays his part well, as he uses his tactics to make us believe he is against such dishonesty…hahaha…


Malcolm Turnbull has called for more truth in parliament but he is exposing himself like never beofre. Look at what a dirty rotten lying scoundrel Malcolm Turnbull is. He derailed Abbott with the help of Soro’s…

Mr Turnbull’s electorate fund-raising is done though an organization he set up much earlier but it was shown that in 2007 called the Wentworth Forum. The SMH reported “Regarded as the country’s most sophisticated political fund-raising machine, the forum offers membership packages that give the most generous supporters more opportunities to gain access to Mr Turnbull.” Soros uses Turnbull and Turnbull uses Soros to win on all levels… all very happy campers.. helping a hand.

Alarming secrets were raised in parliament in 2009 during the infamous Godwin Grech / Utegate scandal. On the 22nd June 2009 the following statement by Tony Burke Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population shows up on Hansard, yet Labor does also take Soros donations.



“There is an interesting organisation involved in what is described as ‘rainfall enhancement technology’ -— a company named the Australian Rain Corporation. Apparently, they have decided to corporatise rain!

The Australian Rain Corporation sought money and the National Water Commission commissioned an independent review of the technology that they were putting forward by a former senior CSIRO officer and professor of physical sciences and engineering from the ANU. The National Water Commission insisted that the Australian Rain Corporation give a presentation of this technology to a panel of physicists. They then provided it with the research papers and made the presentation in Russian. The independent review concluded: ‘There is no convincing evidence that the Atlant technology operates as believed by its proponents.’

But in the end the department recommended that the member for Wentworth provide them with $2 million for a trial, which was arguably a generous offering, given what had been said about the technology.

What did the Leader of the Opposition, as a minister, do with a recommendation to give them $2 million? He wrote to the Prime Minister seeking a lazy $10 million for the Australian Rain Corporation. You have to ask: what would be the circumstances of taking a departmental recommendation for $2 million and turning it into $10 million? Why would the Leader of the Opposition have done that as a minister?”

“This is where we discover that an executive of the Australian Rain Corporation happened to be a next-door neighbour of the Leader of the Opposition. The same person, the same neighbour, was a member of his electorate fundraising committee, the Wentworth Forum, with membership costing a cool $5,000 to get yourself into the room. If you want to find deals for mates, there are stories of deals for mates and there are stories that rest very squarely with the Leader of the Opposition. This is the same person who was able to run around saying, ‘Well, we’ve got this email. You’d better publish it,’ and who went to members of staff, intimidated them and said that he had documentary evidence. All we ask of the Leader of the Opposition is: prove that you have been telling the truth. We know what will happen. We know we will be greeted with the same deathly silence that we get now. We know that he is pretending to write and focus on something else, but we know full well that the Leader of the Opposition has been caught out and caught out badly.”

And on the 23rd June 2009 it was raised again in parliament by Tony Burke yet Labor also love donations from Soros.

Another article says: “Rainmaker Ian Searle, the father of cloud seeding in Australia for the Tasmanian Hydro scheme, has also expressed doubts, as has Israel’s internationally respected cloud physicist Professor Daniel Rosenfeld.”

“There is no single scientific paper, only the patent, and one can patent anything claiming it’s to do anything that he likes, as long as no one else has made the same claims before,” Professor Rosenfeld said.

“Mr Searle says all the literature he has seen on the technology shows it to be a bogus science.” Both Labor, the Greens and Turnbull love for climate change tax..$$$$$

At one point the government were talking about having an inquiry into the grant to Australian Rain Corporation but it never eventuated. As it turned out when the Rudd government came to power in November 2007 the new Enviroment Minister Penny Wong cancelled the grant but $2.97 million had already been paid and there were likely other costs in terminating the funding agreement as they had a better way to getting donation..via the same organizations but naming it different to show there are no ties .. how sneaky is that?

There are a lot of unanswered questions that Malcolm Turnbull needs to answer about the Australian Rain Corporation grant. So far he refuses.

Other issues about his honesty have also been raised such as: “Mr Turnbull’s connection to the logging industry in the Solomon Islands began in 1991 and 1992, when he owned shares and was also chairman of the then Hong Kong listed Axiom Forest Resources that own logging operations and forest concessions in the country.”

Rudd’s Agenda 21 and of course the U.N.soros Turnbull-Arab

The Saudi’s are our allies, yet they have by far the most savage rule of law compared to other islamic countries..yet Turnbull sides with the Saudis.

He rejected accusations that he had once played a huge role in bad logging practices in Solomon Islands, claiming “he was trying to encourage local landowners to change logging practices and ways”.

Mr Turnbull then further claimed “…. the company (Silvania) brought in some of the best foresters in the world. There was a lot of work done on reforestation, on plantations”.

A report by the Australian International Development Aid Bureau – now Ausaid – in 1994 described the logging practices of Axiom subsidiary Silvania Forest Products as:…”more like a clear-felling operation and bearing little relation to an attempt at even retaining a token sample of future commercial crop on the site.”

A separate report also described Silvania’s forest practices as “among the worst in the world.”

If Malcolm Turnbull wants more honesty in government he needs to start with himself. At the next election if the polls are true and the Liberals ‘labor’ Greens win power, one of the first things that they need to do is get rid of Soros, Turnbull/Shorten and all the Greens as a whole. Turnbull is a major liability, not an asset. Judgement day is coming for all corrupt politicians no matter what side of politics they are on.

Information kindly provided by Sonya Mcconville

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