Same Sex Marriage Consequences

Australians are being asked to vote in a plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage

Before you decide, here are some facts on the Same Sex initiative and the consequences of enacting a law to bring in SSM

Now that the homosexual lobby has made so much noise about “equal rights”, we take a step back to examine what it is really about and what has happened in other countries where same sex marriage has been brought into law.

IF the Yes vote wins the homosexual lobby will impose restrictions on our freedoms in ways I’m sure most people have not thought about.

Although the plebiscite is asking us if we will approve Same Sex Marriage (SSM), it is clear that this is just another step in the homosexual lobby’s attempt to radically change our social landscape.

Schools in Victoria have already been forced to teach the so-called “Safe Schools Program”. Safe Schools was the first step in implementing the UN-Backed Agenda 21 program that they hope will end with a One World Government under the New World Order (NWO). If you haven’t heard about these we urge you to Google them.

Proponents of the Safe School program claim it is an anti bullying program, but after reading the Unit Course Book supplied to teachers, it is obvious that the course is really meant to push our children to accept gender reassignment, transexualism, teach them about “alternate” sex from an early age, and rob parents of their rights to decide on their children’s education..

Click here to download the Safe Schools Unit Guide

Five people are listed as the authors of the Safe Schools program, although others were also involved in conceiving and writing the program.

Prof. Gary Dowsett La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS) launched the program in 2010. This is the same person who stated:

Click on the image or here to view more information about Dowsett

Roz Ward: His Co-Author, Roz Ward, at the 2013 Marxism Conference said:

“I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist, so invite me to your school if you will.”

It turns out that we all need a safe space from “Safe Schools” Ward:

Ward is the (now former) Coordinator of ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ in Victoria, and is one of the primary architects of the program. She is an open communist, a longtime member of Socialist Alternative, and is heavily involved in the education unions.

Victoria’s controversial Safe Schools founder Roz Ward has been photographed harassing a bystander while marching in a Melbourne rally protesting against the election of Donald Trump as US president.

The self-described Marxists of La Trobe University’s sex research unit is not exactly embraced by the electorate.

The more parents discovered about Safe Schools — a sexual indoctrination program, under the guise of “anti-bullying”, which asserts extreme fringe views of gender and sexual fluidity — the less they liked.

And Ward was a lightning rod for their discontent. In June she was suspended by LaTrobe after she posted on Facebook that the Australian flag was “racist” and should be replaced by a Communist red flag.

She has an impressive resume that would make any anarchist Marxist bully proud:

1. She claimed that up to half of young people were gay
2. She was removed as manager of the controversial anti-bullying(?) pro­gram in March this year
3. Roz Ward admits that the “Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Not about celebrating diversity. Not about stopping bullying. It’s about gender and sexual diversity. About same-sex attractive. About being transgender. About being lesbian, gay, bisexual.”

Before deciding how to vote in the Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite we urge you to watch this video.

A DESPERATE MUM: Marijke Rancie blogs under the name Politicalpostingmumma. When she first learned that her kids were being taught the Safe Schools Program she was outraged. After the school Principal rejected her inquiries she made this video, calling on Victorian parents to “get really angry”. The Principal denied the school was teaching Safe Schools, but subsequently she was exposed as a liar and a hypocrite.

Marijke’s outrage is directed at Safe Schools, a program the Melbourne mother claims is trying to “erase gender”, expose children to dildos in the classroom, and teaching them how to masturbate using household items.


United Kingdom: (courtesy The Spectator Australia)

After the UK voted for SSM people who do not conform to the homo’s insane demands are losing their jobs.

That is just one consequence. We will be forced to change our behaviour to meet their demands in so many ways we will wish we had not been so stupid.

Gender: Current Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, has revealed proposals to abolish the need for any medical consultation before gender reassignment. Simply filling out an official form will be sufficient. A ‘Ministry of Equalities’ press release, explicitly announced, that the proposals were designed to: ‘build on the progress’ of same-sex marriage. Guardian journalist Roz Kaveney boasted that changing your gender is now: ‘Almost as simple as changing your name by statutory declaration’.Gender: Current Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, has revealed proposals to abolish the need for any medical consultation before gender reassignment. Simply filling out an official form will be sufficient. A ‘Ministry of Equalities’ press release, explicitly announced, that the proposals were designed to: ‘build on the progress’ of same-sex marriage. Guardian journalist Roz Kaveney boasted that changing your gender is now: ‘Almost as simple as changing your name by statutory declaration’.

Use the correct PC language or lose your job: Manifestations of the ‘British gender revolution’ are not difficult to find. Transport for London, have prohibited the use of the ‘heteronormative’ words, such as ladies and gentlemen. Meanwhile, universities across the nation are threatening to ‘mark down’ students, who continue to use the words ‘he’ and ‘she’. Instead, ‘gender neutral pronouns’ such as ‘ze’, must be uniformly applied.

Adoption and Foster Care: In a heartbreaking development and in spite of Britain’s ‘foster crisis’, aspiring foster parents who identify as religious, face interrogation. Those who are deemed unlikely to ‘celebrate’ homosexuality, have had their dreams of parenthood scuppered. This month, Britain’s High Court, ruled that a Pentecostal couple were ineligible parents. While the court recognised their successful and loving record of adoption, they decreed that above all else: ‘The equality provisions concerning sexual orientation should take precedence’.

Freedom of speech: In the lead-up to the Parliamentary vote, we witnessed almost incomprehensible bullying. David Burrows MP, a mild-mannered supporter of the ‘Coalition for Marriage’, had excrement thrown at his house. His children received death threats and their school address was published online. Similarly, ‘Conservative’ broadcaster Iain Dale promised to, ‘publicly out’ gay MP’s, who did not vote for redefinition.

Many hardworking Brits have lost their jobs. Consider Adrian Smith, sacked by a Manchester Housing Trust, for suggesting that the state: ‘shouldn’t impose its rules on places of faith and conscience’. Or Richard Page, fired for gross misconduct after articulating, that children might enjoy better outcomes, were they to be adopted by heterosexual couples.

Simultaneously, contrary to ‘steadfast’ government assurances, small businesses have been consistently targeted. Courts in Northern Ireland ruled that the Asher’s Family bakery had acted unlawfully. What crime committed by this tiny business? Politely declining to decorate a cake with a political message in support of same-sex marriage. The courts maintained that business owners must be compelled to promote the LGBT cause, irrespective of personal convictions.

Even the National Trust, a British institution with over 4.2 million members, has decided to join the bullying LGBT crusade. A message went out. Each of the Trust’s 62,000 volunteers, would be required to wear a compulsory same-sex rainbow badge. Those who said they’d rather not were told they would be ‘moved out of sight’until they were prepared to publicly demonstrate inclusive tolerance.

Children & Education: Across the UK, ‘sex education’ has been transformed and disfigured. TV programmes, aimed at children as young as three, promote ‘gender fluidity’, as an enabler of thoughtfulness and individuality.

At the same time, Ministers have denied worried parents the right to withdraw their children from primary school classes. Meanwhile, ‘outside educators’ teach children about sex positions, ‘satisfying’ pornography consumption and how to masturbate. Concerns regarding STI’s and Promiscuity, are derided as ‘old-fashioned’.

Independent religious schools are under intense scrutiny. Dame Louise Casey, a senior government advisor, recently insisted that it is now: Not Ok for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage’.

Ofsted, the body responsible for school-assessment, has been wildly politicised. In 2013, Prior to the redefinition of marriage, Ofsted visited Vishnitz Jewish Girls School. They passed the school with flying colours. In fact, they went out of their way to highlight the committed and attentive approach to student welfare and development. Four years later, Ofsted returned. This time, they failed the school on one issue alone. While again, noting that students were ‘confident in thinking for themselves‘, their report, pointed to the inadequate promotion of homosexuality and gender reassignment. As such, it was failing to ensure: a full understanding of fundamental British values’. It is one of an initial seven faith schools that face closure.

NEW ZEALAND (courtesy Mercator Net)

Groups that oppose SSM face the possibility of losing their funding, and even being hauled into court.

Charity Deregistration: Last month (August 2017) the New Zealand Supreme Court ruled in favour of a family advocacy group threatened with deregistration as a charity. The public servants on the country’s Charities Board moved against Family First New Zealand during the debate that preceded legalisation of same-sex marriage in April 2013 – a debate in which Family First played a leading role in opposing the redefinition of marriage.

The board’s explanation made it clear that its members disagreed with FFNZ’s defence of marriage as an exclusively man-woman institution, although the reason for removing their charitable status was that they were involved in primarily “political” activity on a “controversial” issue. Even when the Supreme Court ruled, in a case involving Greenpeace, that political activity could also be charitable, the board refused to withdraw its decision against the family group, forcing them to go to court to argue their case. The board has been ordered to review its decision.

Overt Opposition Suicidal: No-one seems to have been sacked for criticising same-sex marriage, but it is not clear how many marriage celebrants (other than those exempted in virtue of their mandate from approved religious institutions) have given up the work rather than risk being approached to officiate for same-sex couples.

A religious couple who operate a bed and breakfast, and who refused to provide a double bed room to a lesbian couple (but did offer an alternative), were complained about to the Human Rights Commission. However, it transpired that there is an exemption in the Human Rights Act for accommodation provided under one’s own roof.

Perhaps the strongest effect so far is within churches. Last year two Anglican priests left the church after its general synod passed a motion committing the church to blessing same-sex relationships by 2016. One of them, Michael Hewat, said that Motion 30 would prove to be a “disaster” for church unity and that by 2016 “the floodgates will open”. A Presbyterian church in Wellington which has long been a gay stronghold has refused to comply with a national directive not to conduct same-sex weddings.

Schools & Children: The Ministry of Education recently issued advice to schools that they should consider offering “gender-neutral” uniforms to students, “review toilet spaces”, allow same-sex partners at balls, and reconsider grouping students by gender in sports classes to help a more diverse range of students “feel safe”. What children are hearing in sex-ed classes about gender and relationships is largely unknown, but the new directive gives a clue.

DELAWARE USA (courtesy Delaware Online)

Loss of Freedoms: Two years after SSM was approved merchants who run their businesses according to Christian convictions are being sued and put out of business.

Christian college groups are being kicked off campus for holding to traditional views of marriage and sexuality.

Schools are installing same-sex bathrooms and toilets.

Delaware does not require parental permission for students to participate in sexuality or HIV/AIDS education. Nor does it say whether parents or guardians may remove their children from such classes.


It is evident that introducing SSM into any community inevitably leads to a loss of freedoms for those who do not approve, or who speak out in public.

In addition, sexually transmitted diseases increase, and suicides by homosexuals also increase.

While we agree that homosexuals are free to love whoever they like, they do not have the right to change marriage laws. The consequences are too far-reaching and destructive for us to accommodate their selfish and unrealistic demands.

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