Response to Tony S. on Nextdoor Social Media

Nextdoor is a new social media platform. Recently, someone calling himself Tony S. of Nambour posted the following:

I responded on 6 September, 2021, but my comment was deleted. So I decided to respond again.

This was my response.

Since the administrator or Tony S. (who I suspect is a paid government shill) has seen fit to delete my previous comment, I am re-posting it here again. I have just as much right to freedom of speech, so stop deleting my comments. If you cannot handle a dissenting opinion then yours is obviously not worth listening to.

Show me the LAW that all these mandates by the state government are authorised by. And show me when we had a referendum to allow the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 to be amended to allow the government to force us to sign in to any private business, be denied service if we refuse to sign in, and to be jabbed with an experimental concoction that includes many harmful substances. The Constitution allows the government to provide medical services, but NOT so as to force us. Read our Constitution here:
and read what the Constitutional amendment means here:

Thousands of people have already suffered adverse effects and even died of the Jab right here in Australia, including 3 school children who were among the 20,000 children herded into a sports stadium in Sydney while their parents were denied entry. The death of 1 of our children from this vaccine is unacceptable. In the past, even one death would have triggered a recall. But not the covid Jab. Why not?

The CDC and the media will not tell you the truth. If the Jab is so good for us, why is the government using so many tricks and coercion to try and get everyone to take the Jab? Why are the police attacking people for not obeying the government mandate? A mandate is NOT law. Nor is a directive. They have no legal standing or authority. Read about this and much more here:

Note that Tony S. had my previous comment deleted and then tried to tell me that the Health Act is justification for the Jab. But the Health Act does not override a Constitutional Act. Know the law, instead of blindly following what the government and media tell you. Either he is paid by the government, or he is just ignorant of the law. Either way, he has no right or authority to urge anyone to blindly accept the government dictatorship.

The covid restrictions, lockdowns, mask wearing, are all part of a campaign to condition Australians to blindly obey the government in preparation for a Social Credit system, just like China’s, that will see people under constant surveillance. When the Chinese government detects anyone disobeying them, the person is immediately fined and points deducted from their Social Credit score. If someone loses enough points they can be denied access to shops and travel. Is this what Australians want too? Oh wait! That is already happening here too, isn’t it?

Wake up and do the research to learn what is going on right under your noses. Or very soon it will be too late.

If you are concerned, come and join our Common Law Assembly to learn more.

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