Reform the Government System

Reform is in the air!

Mike-Gold-TieConstitutional activist, Mike Holt of Advance Australia Group, has started a campaign to force the politicians and police to adhere to our supreme law, the 1900 Constitution, and to Common Law.

Reform is a must, Mike says, and he is a strong proponent for bringing in Citizens Initiated Referendums to put the power where it belongs…in the hands of the voters, not political parties.

To help spread the word he has set up a website, In it, he proposes a 5-Step Plan to reform the Australian government system to bring it back into line with the original constitution and force politicians to be directly accountable to voters.

He says that the political parties have hijacked our democracy and imposed a party dictatorship in Parliament. Mike points out that anyone reading the Constitution will not find any mention of political parties running our government. The Constitution only lays out a system of government.

“It is clear,” he says, “that our Founding Fathers envisaged citizens standing for election as Independent representatives of their community. Unfortunately, they did not include this in the Constitution. As a result, the political parties have usurped our power to select our own representatives, as stated in Sections 16 and 34.”

Reform the Constitution to bring it into line with modern realities

Mike says our Constitution needs to be amended to make it clear what type of system the government should operate under, and that citizens should have the power to select their own candidates. He says that Citizen’s Initiated Referendums will give all voters the right to vote on matters affecting the security, health, wealth, and happiness of the nation.

He also points out that the Constitution does not mention a PM or the powers that should limit one.

“This is clearly an oversight in our Constitution that needs fixing, as the leader of the political party that wins an election automatically becomes PM. This means that only the voters in that person’s electorate actually hold the power to decide who will be the PM, leaving the rest of the nation at the mercy of a relatively small number of people.”

Mike stood for election in 2013 and he says he found that electorates are way too big. No candidate can interact with about 100,000 people at a time. Mike proposes reducing the electorates to just 5,000 voters, then combining fifty electorates to form a Regional Government. This would eliminate the need for political parties and State governments. He says that voters would select candidates from among their own electorate and vote one of them into the Regional Government. Candidates would be directly accountable to the voters and could be recalled at any time.

Wayne-Goss-RuddMike points out that State Governments are a holdover from our early colonial days before Federation, when the states were actually British colonies. He says it’s time to update and upgrade our political system. He has come up with a proposal on his website to achieve this:

Because of the many unlawful changes made to the government system without the approval of the citizens voting in referendums, Mike says that various Parliamentary Acts passed over the years have ignored our Constitution, and therefore they are unlawful.

The Australia Act, for example, sought to create a sovereign Australian nation. However, as it was never voted on in a referendum it is unlawful. As a result, we are still a de facto British colony.

Mike says that all acts and laws passed since then must be repealed, or submitted to the people to vote on in a referendum.

He asks, “Who is the Queen of Australia? She is not a real person any more. She is merely a name on a piece of paper. They only person that might qualify as Queen of Australia is Josh Thomas!”

In 1992 Wayne Goss and Kevin Rudd passed the Reprints Act in the Queensland Parliament. The Reprints Act gave them the power to get around the Commonwealth and State Constitutions and re-write (not just reprint) any laws they wish. Once they passed the Reprints Act it automatically became law in all other States and Territories as well.


An example of the power of the Reprints Act is the two attempts to make Local Councils a third tier of government. Citizens voted in two referendums to reject this proposal, yet state governments were able to ignore the will of the people and enact legislation making councils an executive arm of the government, operating as a quasi-private corporation. This is why, when you check any council document you will see an ABN number. View the video on this page to understand how the Socialist ALP managed to destroy our Democracy so effectively:

What does this mean for you, the ordinary citizen of Australia?

It means that our vote for political party candidates is a waste of time. They are chosen by the party, not by citizens as is mandated in the Constitution Sections 16 and 34.

After we vote the political parties just ignore the promises they made during the election. In other words, we are governed by a political party dictatorship. We the People have lost the power to select or influence our so-called representatives to carry out our will.

Citizens Fighting Back

Apart from pointing out these and many other problems with our political system, Mike has started helping citizens to reform the system.

He is encouraging all citizens to learn their Constitutional and Common Law rights and to exercise them.

Stop Paying Fines

One initiative that is becoming very popular is the campaign to stop paying unlawful parking and other fines imposed by Councils, pet registration fees, and toll fees and their related fines. Citizens can go to his website, learn why we are not bound by any laws to pay these fees and fines, and then receive a package of documents to help them stop paying.
Steps to Stop Paying Fines/

Mike has also made a video explaining why citizens going about their lawful day to day business who have not committed a crime are not required to stop for the police conducting a random check, such as RBT.

A large number of Australians are fed up with the dictatorial and capricious political system that no longer represents the very people who vote it into power. Mike points out that over the last three elections more voters have put a line through all the candidates to invalidate their vote. Some are even writing NONE WORTH VOTING FOR on the ballot papers.

“Of course, political parties tell us that this is a waste of our vote. It is,” Mike says. “The political parties hate it because they are not getting your vote.”

But he says it also sends a very strong message to the politicians that voters are not happy and want change.

He predicts that the number of citizens not voting for anyone in the next election could reach more than 50%. If that happens, the election will have to be annulled and a new election called. This will mean that the parties will have to find all new candidates. Even more importantly, Mike points out that it will give independent citizens the opportunity to stand for election.

“Forcing a new election might even end up giving us a Parliament consisting of a majority of independents. Imagine that!”

He explains how it would work here:

While the two major political parties posture, lie, and throw billions of dollars at countries that hate us, Mike says that a growing number of Australians have had enough.

“We want change, and we want it now. The political parties have proved they are not capable of running our country. It’s time people with the will and qualifications to stand are given an opportunity. Reform is in the air.”




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