Queensland Commercial Fishermen are Lawfully Rebelling

People ask how you can lawfully rebel. Our fishermen are showing the way.

We are not lawfully bound by unlawful legislation. We do not have to obey it. All we have to do is stand strong to defend our rights and we pull the fangs right out of the unlawful political party corporate government. It is up to you!

Read this letter from the Commercial Fishermen to the Fisheries Department that is causing so much damage to our fishing industry. In this letter, the fishermen tell us how they are lawfully rebelling.

What about you and your industry? Have you thought of ways to lawfully rebel?

(Not sure what Lawful Rebellion means? Read the Magna Carta Article 61)

Here is the Fishermen’s Letter:

Fishery Manager
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
GPO Box 46,
Brisbane QLD 4001

It is my Will that Fisheries QLD DO NOT address my name in any further correspondence in all caps (dog Latin – dead cargo), as I am a living flesh, blood, man/woman John:Davey.
I will not consent to any further contracts that foreign agents, the State or corporate fisheries QLD unlawfully dream up, unless it’s a conditional acceptance and not a cohesion contract. As it clearly states in the QLD Fisheries Act 1994 “This Act commences on a day to be fixed by proclamation”. Could you please produce evidence of proclamation or royal assent?

State of QLD CIK#0001244818, QLD and Treasury CIK#0000852555 and Commonwealth of Australia CIK#0000805157, are all registered to the US Securities Exchange Commission (US Security) pursuant to the US Securities Exchange Act 1934 as amended State of QLD, QLD Treasury and Commonwealth of Australia are required to report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission making all public servants subject to the said US Acts and Law. The State of QLD Treasury Commonwealth of Australia is therefore a US Corporation, US Political Franchise and a Political Sub-division of the United States Government and subject to Laws of US Department of Justice.

Can you please provide the current disclosure of the foreign principle agent statement as required under 22 U.S.C./FARA section 19.

I currently own T1, M1, L3+1 Licences. T1 means a licence holder can trawl from Tweed Head to Cape York, M1 means Moreton Bay. I currently hold 5510 effort units which is approximately 170 fishing nights per year. The unlawful QLD Fisheries are proposing fraud and Treason against my licence. QLD Fisheries are preparing to steal 49 fishing nights from my M1 (Moreton Bay) fishing nights, leaving me with only 119 left. Furthermore the QLD Fisheries proposed breaking up of the QLD Fisheries T1-area/zones into 4 fishing zones which will place further restrictions on my licence. You have already destroyed my opportunity to fish during the winter for scallop, crab, bug, etc. This means I have the additional expense of having to go into the northern fishery in the winter season. This will purposely devalue my fishing business and I DO NOT CONSENT.

It has come to my attention there is a hidden agenda that a company called Beach Price.com are setting up a Trading exchange and they claim to have already traded over $10,000,000 in fishing quota for RQ & SM. They are excited to have now launched their T1 exchange on Monday 30th October 2019. If and when the new zones are implemented, Beach Price will immediately expand their platforms to suit. We fishermen see your intentions are to regulate the fishermen and send them broke. As a result who will purchase these Effort Units? This is simular as to what has happened with the corporatized Murry Darling Basin, where foreign interest and politicians bought up a large quantity of water entitlements.

No Government within Australia is lawfully instituted government of the people by the people. They are a foreign corporation acting in USUFRUCT. The so called QLD Government are in fact NOT OUR government, but instead a foreign agent working for the political parties under the corporate legal fiction Queen of Australia. This is NOT OUR dejure lawful Parliament.

A silent Political Coup detat, secretly manipulated over the years by fabians, communist, fascist and free masonist occurred when the 2001 QLD State Constitution was introduced by ALL political parties, without referendum, stripping Queenslanders of their rights which is TREASON.

The Acts interpretation Act 1901 – 15A states “every act shall be read and construed subject to the constitution”.

The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth 1901 page 988 section 128 states “a constitution is a charter of government, it is a deed of trust, containing covenants between the sovereign community and its individual units. Those covenants should not be lightly or inconsiderately altered.” This Lawful deed of trust has been broken.

  • VMS is unlawful.
  • Log Books are voluntary.
  • Green zones and the UN are unlawful.

Bycatch – The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth 1901 page 569 section 173 states “prohibiting unnecessary waste from fishing”. Therefore bycatch product should be kept and used.

I have four questions.

  • Q1. As quoted from the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 section 58 “When a proposed law passed by both Houses of Parliament presented to the Governor- General for the Queen’s assent, he shall declare, according to his discretion, but subject to this constitution, that he assents in the Queens name, or he withholds assent, or that he reserves the law for the Queens pleasure”.
    How is this possible when Queensland has NO upper house and QLD Government had a referendum which failed? How was this still changed with NO permission from the people?
  • Q2. Can you please demonstrate that todays office of Governor-General is the same office that was constituted by the late Queen Victoria in letters patent of 1900?
  • Q3. Can you please demonstrate that todays Government is the same one as established at the inception of this Country?
  • Q4. Where in OUR Constitution 1901, does it state that the UN has any authority?

QLD Fisheries have proven that they are incapable of running the fishing industry with all your new regulation, acts and statues that are nothing but pretend laws unless they have royal assent. The QLD Fisheries have had investment warnings on our industry for 30 years at least, which has created great harm to our fishing industry.

Due to all of the above you have NO lawful authority and therefore it is MY DUTY as a sovereign to enter into lawful rebellion under the Magna Carta 1215 & 1297 security clause 61 and 62 which the Barron’s have signed in 2001 until you, provide evidence otherwise.

All public servants of the Executive Government of the State of Queensland have the powers, and the legal capacity, of an individual, as there is no crown authority.

You have 14 days to reply if you cannot provide this information you are NO longer acting in good faith.


Signed this day 22nd December 2019

WITHOUT PREJUDICE, Malice, Vexation, Argument and or Merriment

That is how it can be done. Tell the government why you are no longer obeying their edicts and unlawful legislation. Unless they can prove they have Crown Austhority….they have none!

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