Nesara Gesara News Update

Dear Fellow Australians,

The Gesara-Nesara movement is designed to implement the principles outlined in the attached video. Our Governments are designed to maintain the status quo at all costs.  The methods use by all governments include bribery, corruption, pedophilia, honey traps, blackmail and murder. A person in Spain born in England, Dr Charlie Ward, has been for the past twelve months or more, been working with President Donald Trump  and a team of the United States Army, and Military Intelligence in the United States of America to prepare us for this monumental change to the way the whole world does business.


As part of it,  it is intended to introduce a Rainbow Currency of universal application, to replace current money, and indications are that this project is seriously advanced. Using this technology, there is no risk of over population, or unnatural global warming. The Mainstream Media is paid to withhold this information from you all. To prevent its widespread dissemination, international organised crime, determined to steal the Presidential Election in the United States of America, and stop this attack on the billionaires who accumulate wealth from misery.

A Universal Basic Income, funded by the commonwealth of all humans, and a fund established by confiscating the wealth of those individuals who spent many millions bribing election officials in the United States of America and others of international disrepute, including the Roman Catholic Church based in Rome, other bad actors, based in countries like Australia, Italy Germany the United Kingdom and Canada, and elsewhere, is proposed.

President Donald Trump was informed of a vile trade in humans greater and more toxic than the slave trade. Using the power of the President of the United States of America he appropriated a half a billion dollars to a task force to end this vicious trade. Around eighteen months ago, this task force started ending this vile trade. Humans are not to be treated like slaughter animals. This trade which was hugely profitable along with the drug trade,  and arms trade was the mainstay of billionaires for centuries. The concentration of population in cities, and the use of fossil fuels to  move food to them and keep  them warm, in winter and cool in summer, and produce abundant food, no longer reliant on horses, is the most dramatic change in the human condition in centuries. It should have moved to the next level, which is Tesla Technology, and the energy derived from horses and slaves, replaced by electricity.

As part of this shift, you as owners of mobile phones can inform yourselves of these things directly, depriving the Mainstream Media of its monopoly. Your life is about to change for the better. Perhaps by consensus we will decide that a Universal Basic Income is not available to men before forty years of age or women until they become mothers or attain that age, and young people including children, under sixteen. We will still need strong men to grow food and make and mine the things we need.

In Australia all State Governments will be bankrupted for their abuse of the civilian population due to Covid19. The Australian Government and its subsidiaries the Federal Courts which arbitrarily decide life and death issues between people, will be required to abide the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and Constitution, or the Common Law declared by those Acts, and unlike the United States of America which will reset to 1871, our reset will date back to 1900.

This is just a taste of what is coming.

Signed: An Australian of later years.

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