My Will Letters to Politicians

My Will are the two most powerful words in politics. They inform your Parliamentary Representative that you are advising them that it is Your Will that they act in a certain way. Under both Federal and State Constitutions and Statute laws you have certain Implied legal duties and obligations, and a “My Will” letter is the method you can use to inform your representative what you want them to do. 


The whole system of Parliament, and the SOLE reason for its existence, is to make laws for the people, with the clear Implication that those laws will reflect the WILL of the people on the subject matter of those laws.

By those legal implications you have a lawful duty and obligation to keep your Members and Senators fully informed about what your WILL is upon any issue or matter that comes before them in their Houses of Parliament, or that should come before them.

It is only when you fulfil that lawful duty and obligation that your Member and Senators can properly fulfil their judicially defined function and duty in their houses of Parliament. If you do not fulfil your lawful duty and obligation, if you do not keep your Members and Senators fully informed of your will on any issue, then you cannot blame them for what they do. You have only your own laziness or indifference to blame.

How do you correctly inform your Members and Senators of your WILL? It is so simple that only laziness and indifference ON YOUR PART stops It from working. Yes, it is so very simple, and here is an example: Suppose, for instance, you believe that income tax should be halved and sales tax completely eliminated. You write, in this case, AN INDIVIDUAL letter to your Federal Member, and each one of your State Senators, such as this:



Should your Member or Senators try to side step (and some of them are extremely adept at doing this) or tell you what their party is or is not doing, you simply write back and say:




Don’t enter into written argument with a politician, for many politicians are past masters in the art of avoiding that which they don’t want to face up to, and become experts in manipulating words to their benefit. Although the majority of politicians would never publicly admit it, what worries them most irrespective of majority or party is the percentage trend in electorate thinking that is shown by the number of simple straight letters clearly expressing THE WILL of the elector signing the letter. To illustrate the above point further: Opinion polls claim to reveal THE TREND of public thinking BY ASKING SIMPLE QUESTIONS of a given number of people selected at random, and, more often than not, the trend shown is reasonably accurate. BUT NOTE THAT THE TREND IS WORKED OUT ON THE BASIS OF THE OPINIONS of people, and people can change their opinions as often as they change their clothes.

The principle of percentage trends in electorate thinking as shown by the above simple straight MY WILL letter Is an entirely different thing, and certainly leads to greater accuracy, for politicians know from experience that if one of their electors sits down to write such a simple ” IT IS MY WILL” letter, then that elector is not expressing a mere opinion, but knows what he wants and says so in a no nonsense way. It is doubly impressed upon the politician’s mind if, after trying to side track the elector, he still gets back a straight “IT IS MY WILL” Experience of the various techniques used in opinion polls, and the evaluation of same, reveals that one such “IT IS MY WILL letter indicates the mathematical probability that a MINIMUM of four (4) other electors are of the same conviction but have not written. Even the least intelligent politician, where his Seat is concerned, can multiply by four (4) the number of such ‘MY WILL letters he receives, and if he gets two or three thousand such letters he will know that he is going to come up with a mathematical stomach twisting figure showing that he is not in tune with his electorate.

Self preservation, even with a party ridden politician, is always of the highest motivating priority to that politician, and, as the long experience of the former Queensland Parliamentarian, Senator lan Wood, has proved, time and again, a political party thinks many times when trying to remove a determined straight Parliamentarian who has electorate thinking behind him. (Senator Wood fulfilled his judicially defined function and duty and refused, consistently, to bend to party pressures.)




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