High Treason committed by the High court?

We the People have been betrayed by the citizenship decision handed down by the High Court, and yet most people are so ignorant of our Constitution we are doing nothing about the serious Constitutional Crisis we are now in.

The High Court is defying the Parliament of the Commonwealth and the Constitutional Laws of the Commonwealth. So too are Judges and Magistrates all over Australia and a regime of institutional theft has been introduced by the States, for the benefit of the States because the High Court is obviously either too senile to understand our very clear Constitution, or they are ignorant of the Constitution, or they have deliberately ignored our Constitution. No matter what their excuse, it appears they have committed high treason with their decision on the citizenship status of our elected officials.

Hopefully, this will clarify it for you:

high treason citizenship-7-pollies

These representatives are still entitled to serve in Parliament, as I’ll explain below….

  • Barnaby Joyce, born in NZ, making him legally entitled to sit in Parliament as a duly elected representative. The same goes for Scott Ludlum…I’ll explain why below.
  • Senator Roberts – Born in India to a Welsh (UK) father and an Australian mother
  • Larissa waters – Born in Canada, but has lived most of her life as a naturalized Australian citizen
  • Fiona Nash – Father born in Scotland, but Fiona was born here. How far back do we have to go before we can be considered Australian?
  • Nick Xenophon – Born in Cyprus, a British colony at the time, and a Commonwealth member

So why are these representatives entitled to continue serving in Parliament?

Our Constitution, states in:
SECTION: 34. Until the Parliament otherwise provides, the qualifications of a member of the House of Representatives shall be as follows –

(i.) He must be of the full age of twenty-one years – they are,
and must be an elector entitled to vote at the election of members of the House of Representatives – they are,
or a person qualified to become such elector – they are,
and must have been for three years at the least a resident within the limits of the Commonwealth as existing at the time when he is chosen – they all were resident within the Commonwealth at the time of their selection as candidates
(ii.) He must be a subject of the Queen, either natural-born or for
at least five years naturalized under a law of the United Kingdom, or of a Colony which has become or becomes a State, or of the Commonwealth, or of a State – they all qualify under those terms

SECTION : 16. The qualifications of a senator shall be the same as those of a member of the House of Representatives.

Both these sections say that if they have been in the country (Australia) five years and owe allegiance to the Queen (of England), they are eligible to serve in our Parliament.

SECTION 44 is also quite clear. It states that a person may be disqualified if they are:
(is) under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power;

None of those named above have contravened Section 44 either. Therefore, it is clear that these representatives are all qualified to serve in our Parliament.

high treason Commonwealth-Australia-Seals


The High Court have ignored the very clear rules set out in the Constitution, which are explained above.

In other words, anyone who is a Subject of the Queen of England (not the Queen of Australia who does not exist except on a piece of paper produced by the fraudulent government claiming it to be a legal document), and any person who was born within the British Commonwealth, or within Great Britain, or who has been naturalized under a law of the UK or of a Colony (Australia) is eligible to sit in our Parliament. They don’t even have to be Naturalized Australians.

Australia is NOT a Republic. Nor was the Australia Act a lawful change of our national status, as it was not voted on in a referendum of the people…the only way the Constitution may be amended. Therefore, our 1901 Constitution is the only law of our land, notwithstanding the 8 amendments made to it in 116 years.

QE2 has abrogated illegally her responsibility, taken under Oath at her Coronation, to be the leader and Head of the Commonwealth and to protect all her subjects from any injustice.

Either the government must ignore the illegal judgement of the High Court and reinstate those legally able to serve, or the Governor General must step in, prorogue Parliament, and call an immediate election.

As it stands at the moment, Australia does not have a government, and the only legal personage able to act on behalf of the People is the Governor General. Turnbull has lost his mandate to rule, and Shorten has never had it.

For further understanding of the Constitutional Crisis we find ourselves in, I refer you to https://www.cirnow.com.au/shes-not-right-mate/

The 7 Members of the High Court who made this decision are:

As an Australian citizen, I demand immediate action by the Governor General to rectify this travesty of Justice, and I demand that those who have betrayed our nation must be arrested and charged with High Treason immediately.

Oh! I forgot. We don’t have a Governor General either. The political parties killed off the only lawful Crown representative when they deleted the true Queen of the Commonwealth, Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, out of the Constitution in 1973.

So, it looks like it’s up to we, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to rectify our constitutional crisis.

But when?

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