Generate a Fake Covid QR Tick

The government is stealing our personal data every time you scan into their Covid QR code. This information is stored in a database operated by the government. We don’t know who has access to that data, or what happens to it. We have already seen that the government is incapable of keeping our information private.

The Privacy Act states that any government cannot force a business to demand that we scan in using the covid app, and they cannot refuse us entry into their premises because we refuse to sign in. The penalties for these two crimes are 5 years and/or a hefty fine.

However, sometimes we just want to go into a premises without arguing with the business owner.

This simple workaround creates what looks like a covid QR tick of approval, but it doesn’t send your private information to the government.

NOTE: Do not email us if the app does not work. It’s not ours. We have no control over it.

Here’s how it works:

Open your phone browser (it only works on your mobile phone) and type this into the address bar: (for Queensland), and for New South Wales, and So far, we’ve tested it in Queensland, NSW and Vic. It doesn’t work for any other state.

After you type in the address, it will open up the first screen:


Type your name, and then look at the QR displayed outside the business premises to see what name is displayed and then type that into the Location field. So for example, if you see Bli Bli Hall on the QR code displayed by the business, type that in.

When you have filled in both fields, simple click on the orange button and it will display a tick like this:


After you have the app loaded, save it to your mobile phone desktop. This will create an easy to identify icon which you can load before you walk into any business premises. Use it if the business gives you any difficulty about scanning in with the QR code, or when you just want to avoid a confrontation.

However, we should all be challenging any business that demands we scan in. We need to educate these businesses and tell them we have an inalienable RIGHT to enter any publicly open premises, no matter whether it is a private business or government office.

When you Comply you lose your RIGHTS!

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