An Open Letter to Monika Smit of Reignite Democracy

This letter was sent by email to Monika Smit on 23 February, 2021 after Monika spoke at the Melbourne “Millions March” rally.

Hi Monica, I applaud your amazing and passionate speech at the latest rally. It was inspiring to see your determination.

And I loved that you pushed that bloody politician out of the way when she tried to tell people to ‘distance’… really? These people are so brainwashed. 

I’d really like to chat with you again when you have time, as I continue to see you trying to start a political party to get elected to the political party corporate parliament. We all need to comprehend that those people in their parliament are working for a foreign corporation and they are not there to serve the people, as required in the constitution Sections 7 and 24. Please download and read it here: – you might also like to download and read the Annotated constitution that explains how the founding fathers wrote it and why.

With your following you could inspire so many to take responsibility for their own lives. But while you continue to try to fight to reform the entrenched political party system you will never win. To explain… imagine you are sitting astride a fence. At the moment one leg is heavily on the side of their Admiralty laws, while the other leg is barely in common law.

In other words, we all need to recognize that the legislative acts the corporation enacts are their acts and we are under no compulsion to follow them. We are only bound by them if we accept their offer to contract. A couple of ways to lawfully rebel against them is to stop voting for them, and stop buying their licenses.

Under common law you are free to do whatever you want without the need for licenses, as long as you follow the two common laws:

  1. Do no harm to others
  2. Take responsibility for your actions

It’s that simple. You don’t need licences in common law. However, you can claim your property by recording it into the common law registry. This will give you a certificate you can show as proof of ownership…. including your Live Birth. Go here to do this:

Then read this page and the articles under the Educate menu:

Then continue your education with these articles and videos:

Getting people out on the street to rally, and exhort them with battle cries like “We are coming” will only make them targets and endanger them. It would be far better if they all unite in common law assemblies where they can create a much better and more inclusive form of direct government. By doing that, we can marginalize the political party system so that it withers away as we cease to support or acknowledge it. 

As Sun Tzu says, we will win the war if we recognize the other side’s weaknesses and exploit them. Their biggest weakness is that they depend on our acceptance of their offers to contract. Stop accepting their offers and they are finished. 

I hope this helps you comprehend that there is a much better way to reclaim our country for the liars, thieves, criminals and TRAITORS.

Warm Regards,
Mike Holt – Convener Sunshine Coast Assembly

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