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phil-on-bikeMy name is Phillip Galea and I am the only non-Muslim in Australian history ever to be accused of terrorism offences.

Click here to sign the petition to give me my day in court: https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-malcolm-turnbull-give-phil-galea-wrongly-jailed-under-the-anti-terror-laws-his-day-in-court

I am also the only person in Australia’s history ever to be accused of plotting a terrorist attack where the police have been unable to name the time and place that the alleged terrorist attack was meant to take place.

Phillip Galea Signed-Appeal-2-All-AussiesI am also the only person in history to be charged by the police of any nation for writing an alleged terrorist document that the police had not seen when they leveled the charges, and that they still have not seen today.

Without the right to apply for bail, I am currently in my second year of prison. I have been in what prison authorities call “management” (solitary confinement), but most people call it “the hole”, that entire time. Normally in prison you get put into mainstream units, or if you are in danger from other inmates you get put into protection units.

Only if you are involved in a serious violent or destructive incident will you be sent to “management” – the hole. As I have never been anything but a model prisoner, I cannot imagine that all this time in the hole is anything but an attempt to destroy me mentally.

Before he was arrested Phil was documenting the actions of Antifa Terrorist Group members like Hamish Blair, as well as informers within Australian patriot groups 

When I was first arrested I was assessed by a psychiatrist that determined my belief in my own innocence was proof of a mental illness and told that I should plead insanity. I refused. I was then given 3 months in the hole before being transferred to a mental health facility where the doctors and the tribunal agreed with me that I was as normal as they were.

I was then sent back to prison where I was given another 12 months in the hole before, in what I was told was a “routine evaluation”, I was again marked unfit for trial again, despite being denied access to any of the material they police claimed incriminated me. I was led to believe that my belief in my own innocence is all that is being held against me.

Galea was the only one arrested as part of a massive anti-terrorism raid

This coincided with the Police Commissioner trying to get a total media blackout on the committal hearing to stop the facts coming out. But apparently, not getting the right judge to ensure a blackout on things like the police being caught fabricating most of their case, as well as the police having charged me without proof of their accusations and the only statements against me being contradictory to their own surveillance.

In addition to the fact that of the 2 star police witnesses, one was guilty of over $1 million worth of fraud, the other of arms dealing who made their statements while under arrest, it is clear both witnesses falsified their statements to the police so that they were “mysteriously” not charged for their crimes.

I would never ask for help in avoiding a trial, as I believe a full and public trial is the only way the truth is ever going to come out.

Unfortunately, the bad guys know this too, which is why every imaginable obstacle has been placed against me to stop a full and public trial going ahead. They have been misusing the mental health laws to try and avoid a trial. As a result, I have been unable to give instruction to a lawyer, because I still haven’t been shown all the evidence the police are apparently relying on to convict me.

What I do ask is that you please read and share what I have written and apply as much force as

Possible to try to ensure that I do get a trial and that the trial is public. This is because an open and public trial is the only way to expose what is quite possibly the largest police conspiracy since the Kelly Rebellion.

I can be contacted by mail at:

Phillip Galea – 169438
PO Box 500
St Albans, VIC 3021

I would welcome any mail and will of course answer any questions anyone cares to send me.

Yours truly;


Phillip Galea

(Note: Include the number after Phil’s name when address any mail to him, as that is his prison number)

Click here to sign the petition to give me my day in court: 


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